Open Source Empowers the Inclusive Future|Tencent Message from Open Atom Global Open Source Summit 2023

Tencent has long been adhering to the purpose of technology for good, connecting more than 1 billion people around the world through communication and social services, and providing a series of enterprise services such as cloud computing, advertising, and financial technology.

As one of the founders of the Open Atom Open Source Foundation (hereinafter referred to as the "Foundation") , Tencent firmly embraces open source and fully supports the cultivation of open source talents and ecological construction. It has donated TencentOS Tiny (to be renamed) to the foundation and launched TKEStack (to be Renamed), OpenCloudOS, OpenKona donation process and passed the Foundation TOC review.

In the field of operating systems , the open source community of the OpenCloudOS operating system has more than 500 ecological partners, and the installation volume of the community and derivative versions has reached 10 million nodes.

In the field of basic programming software , OpenKona supports domestic CPU architectures and operating systems, including ARM, X86 and other architectures, and is compatible with Galaxy Kirin, Tongxin UOS, and Tencent's self-developed server operating system TencentOS Server.

In the field of Internet of Things , TencentOS Tiny has the characteristics of low power consumption, low resource occupation, modularization, safety and reliability, etc., which can effectively improve the development efficiency of Internet of Things terminal products.

In the field of cloud native , the TKEStack project is based on Tencent Cloud's large-scale production cluster operation and maintenance and operation technology precipitation, which can provide developers with a one-stop general infrastructure platform that is multi-dimensional and heterogeneous and has certain technical advantages in AI and big data scenarios.

In the field of blockchain , continue to invest in the open source collaboration of the underlying platform of Chang'an Chain ChainMaker, participate in the independent design of Chang'an Chain from 0 to 1, and successively launch self-developed large-scale peer-to-peer network communication technology "Ruoshui Liquid" and PB-level blockchain open source storage The engine "Honghuge" is embedded with anti-quantum cryptographic modules, etc.

In terms of personnel training , it has become a strategic partner of the Open Atom School Source Bank public welfare project, and jointly builds open-source associations in colleges and universities, popularizes open-source culture, and promotes the construction of the "1+4+X" open-source course system.

In the future, Tencent will work with the foundation to carry out technical docking and in-depth cooperation, provide a larger practice stage for university developers, and contribute more to the cultivation of open source talents and ecological construction.

Tencent wishes the 2023 Open Atom Global Open Source Summit a complete success!

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