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The Global Open-source Technology Conference (Global Open-source Technology Conference) GOTC 2023 is jointly sponsored by the Open Atom Open Source Foundation, Shanghai Pudong Software Park, Linux Foundation Asia Pacific and Open Source China, and will be held in Zhangjiang Science, Shanghai from May 27th to 28th The auditorium was solemnly held.
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The 2-day open source industry event will interpret the theme of the conference - "Open Source, Into the Future" in the form of industry exhibitions, keynote speeches, forums, round tables, flash speeches, and open source markets. Participants will discuss popular technical topics such as metaverse , security, 3D engine, eBPF , Web3.0, blockchain, etc., as well as hot topics such as open source governance, automotive software, AIGC, AI programming, open source education and training, and cloud native . Open source future, help open source development.
The first GOTC in 2021 was successfully held and received enthusiastic response.
GOTC 2023 consists of a main forum and more than ten sub-forums.
The conference will invite Ibrahim Haddad, Executive Director of LF AI & Data Foundation, Executive Director of PyTorch Foundation, Brian Behlendorf, General Manager of OpenSSF, Royal O'Brien, Executive Director of Open 3D Foundation, Daniela Barbosa, Executive Director of Hyperledger Foundation, and representatives from Baidu , Huawei, Tencent, Volcanic Engine, Red Hat, Intel, VMWare, F5, Microsoft, Open Source China and other global open source heavyweight guests attended, sharing open source views, experience reference and future exploration for developers and the industry.
The following is the introduction of the forum. If you are interested in the direction of the forum, don’t hesitate to sign up now:
AI  programming
The popularity of AI large models has made the development circle even more powerful recently, and various developer tools and new paradigms based on AI technology continue to emerge. This forum will provide an in-depth look at the latest trends, techniques and applications in AI programming. We will bring together industry experts, developers and enthusiasts to share and exchange relevant knowledge and experience. Whether you are a beginner or a senior practitioner in the field of AI, this event will provide you with an excellent learning and communication platform to help you make continuous progress on the road of artificial intelligence programming; at the same time, the event will also bring creativity to the industry and business opportunities.
● Rust
With features such as good reliability, strong engineering, and high security, the Rust programming language has become a new favorite of developers in recent years. This forum will invite Rust experts to share with you the skills of Rust in practical use, as well as the development of language-related ecology.
OpenSDV Software Defined Vehicle
Under the evolution of the EE architecture and the development trend of domain control centralization, the proportion of software continues to expand, which has a profound impact on the car's R&D model, development process, system integration functional safety, cost control, and after-market operation model. We re-examine the automotive industry as a whole from the perspective of technology, and think about how to empower automotive engineering through a rapidly changing software development model, bring new production methods to the industry, and bring new ideas and development directions to automotive products.
The OpenSDV Automotive Software Open Source Alliance is committed to building a globalized automotive software open source technology and ecology. Through this forum, experts, scholars and technology developers from the automotive industry and related cross-fields will be gathered to exchange views and share experiences, and discuss the trend of software-defined vehicles. Next, the opportunities and challenges faced by technological innovation and industrial development.
eBPF (extended Berkeley Packet Filter) is a very flexible and efficient virtual machine-like component in the Linux kernel. It can run directly in the Linux kernel mode, and can complete the processing of data packets and system calls in the first time, avoiding the kernel mode and user Switching between states and data copy overhead. Due to the strong security and stability of eBPF, more and more eBPF-based projects have sprung up like mushrooms after rain. At present, eBPF has been used in many kernel subsystems, such as common network, load balancing, tracking and security and other fields. In addition, some widely used open source projects, such as Cilium, Falco, Bcc, Katran, Bpftrace, Kubectl-trace, etc., have adopted this technology. This forum will provide an overview of eBPF technology and share how it can be put into practice.
AI is Everywhere
The era of AI empowering everything has arrived. The number of AI-enabled devices is expected to grow to 75 million by 2025, impacting every industry and job. Each type of AI application may have its own development ecosystem and architecture. For enterprises, this model means high maintenance costs and high security risks, and limits the pace of application and innovation of new AI technologies for enterprises. The LF AI & DATA open source community has been committed to creating a global AI technology and developer ecosystem. We sincerely invite all open source AI users, contributors and community members to join this gathering to discuss the future of open source AI.
● Cloud Native Summit
Cloud Native Summit is the flagship conference of CNCF. The summit gathers users and technical experts from the world's leading open source and cloud native communities. Meet at the Cloud Native Summit China on GOTC in 2023 to discuss the future and technical direction of cloud native computing.
● Infrastructure and software architecture
Operating system, database, programming language, RISC-V... These are the most basic, important and complex parts of the software system. How is the state-of-the-art in these areas? Any software needs a suitable architecture, how to make the architecture more ideal, and what new architectural tricks are currently available are also the content that this forum wants to discuss.
● Data and database technology
With the continuous development of the Internet and the Internet of Things, processing technologies for massive data emerge in an endless stream and continue to mature. In this process, big data, streaming data, and databases are becoming more and more closely connected. This forum will focus on data technology and lead the audience to the current technological frontier.
OSS Compass: open source ecological health assessment
This forum is dedicated to OSS Compass tool users, developers, open source community managers, project owners, maintainers, and academic researchers. We are committed to providing a friendly, professional and active communication environment for OSS Compass users and open source community members.
In this forum, you can share with other OSS Compass users your experience, insights and insights in open source ecological assessment; discuss various indicator models, practical methods and potential improvement directions involved in the OSS Compass assessment system; contribute to OSS Compass The development team will give feedback on the problems and suggestions you encounter during use; learn about the latest developments and updates of OSS Compass; participate in rich community activities, and jointly promote the continuous improvement and development of the field of open source ecological health assessment.
● New trend of big front-end
Low-code, WebAssembly, JS container, applet, cross-end, PWA, Flutter, Dart... These technologies are becoming more and more popular. This forum focuses on front-end front-end open source related technologies and practical experience, so that technologies can better serve the industry.
● Focus on open source security
Open source software is ubiquitous in data centers, consumer devices and applications. The use of open source code has become the new normal in software development. Statistics show that an average of 90% of the code of a software comes from open source. Ensuring the security of the open source supply chain has far exceeded the ability of ordinary developers. Open source security requires the industry to work together to create automation tools for the industry, summarize best practices, promote security education, and encourage open source security collaboration. You will hear from open source security experts and users from around the world in this special forum. We invite all open source users, contributors, and community members to this meetup.
● Web3 metaverse world
The Metaverse is implemented using Web3 technology. Web3 provides decentralization and data privacy technologies to support the virtual economy and asset transactions in the Metaverse. The virtual economy of the Metaverse can also be combined with the encryption currency and blockchain technology in Web3 , to achieve decentralized currency exchange and asset management. The purpose of Metaverse itself is to create a realistic virtual world to replace some activities in the real world. One of the key technologies is the 3D engine, whether it is smart cities, virtual space construction, industrial design or highly realistic immersive user experience. Can not do without powerful 3D engine technology. Since 2021, Web3 and Metaverse have gradually become popular concepts in the global technology community, and technology giants such as Meta, Google, Apple, Huawei, Tencent, OPPO, etc. have been actively deploying related industries. When we talk about Metaverse and Web3, what are we talking about? This forum will lead the audience to clear the fog, fully understand the shape and technology stack of Metaverse and Web3, and explore the direction that can be put into practice.
● Linux Foundation Open Source Education and Talent Cultivation Summit
In the recent Linux Foundation's open source jobs report, demand for open source talent is strong given the continued adoption of cloud computing and digital transformation across industries. Open source experts from all walks of life are invited to come to GOTC to discuss the challenges of domestic open source education and talent training source education, grasp the most popular open source technologies, help developers understand the way to enter the open source circle, and start open source careers.
● Gitee 10th Anniversary Conference
In the ten years of Gitee, we have witnessed the maturity of the Internet, the rise of the mobile Internet, the entry of mobile payment into thousands of households, and the arrival of a new era of AI; at the same time, we have also witnessed the adoption of agile development, lean project management, and DevOps in different IT organizations. We welcome old and new friends to participate in the 10th anniversary celebration of Gitee.
"Our local companies are very strong, not only have a lot of contributions, but also open source many projects, but there is one shortcoming, that is, there is still a lot of room for improvement in open source cooperation between companies. " Keith Chan, director of CNCF Greater China, concluded in a live broadcast event. The logic of collaboration and competition in the digital world is completely different from our past industrial age. For large-scale software projects, or production projects that rely on longer chains, the engineering consumption, maintenance costs, and innovation promotion are not a commercial company. It can be done independently, but it needs to gather more companies to work together. This also means that enterprises related to information technology need to learn to cooperate. In many cases, they may compete in business, but they need to cooperate in infrastructure. There is no doubt that this puts forward higher requirements for enterprises. Taking advantage of the general trend of GOTC 2023, we would like to invite OSPO-related practitioners from local companies to discuss this huge problem together. It aims to advance an important step for the next local open source.
We will work around the following topics:
  • What is the role of OSPO's corporate collaboration on open source projects?
  • How should OSPOs between enterprises interact?
  • How should benefits be calculated?
  • How OSPO convinces decision-makers and business departments internally
  • Business requirements and expectations for neutral organizations and institutions
● Open source venture capital
This forum aims to bring together global investors, entrepreneurs, developers and open source community leaders to discuss development trends, business models and investment opportunities of the open source software industry. Here, you'll have the opportunity to gain insight into how the open source ecosystem can be used to drive innovation and economic growth. You will hear speeches from top investment institutions, well-known enterprises and successful startups, sharing their insights and experience in open source entrepreneurship.
Many investors from Kaiyuan China are specially invited to sit down now and communicate one-on-one with potential stock Kaiyuan entrepreneurs. The investment institutions present at the scene included Guodu Technology Reform, Legend Capital, Lenovo Venture Capital, Pudong Science and Technology Innovation, Pudong Software Park, Rongyi Capital, Ruili Capital, Shanghai International Venture Capital, Shanghai Science and Technology Innovation, TEDA Industrial, Tianji Capital, Zhongke Chuangxing, China Online Investment, and China Mobile Digital New Economy.
This forum specially planned a project display session to provide a display platform for excellent open source entrepreneurial projects, allowing investors and partners to discover potential investment opportunities. We believe that through this forum, participants will be able to expand their network, exchange experience, and jointly promote the prosperity and development of the open source software industry.
Open source market
In the exhibition hall of the conference, more than 30 open source technology communities will create an immersive market experience in the form of creative stalls, display open source projects, peripheral products, and exchange open source technologies, open source concepts, and open collaboration methods .
Open source compliance training course from zero to one
The workshop is designed to help developers, project managers, legal advisors, and business decision makers better understand and deal with issues related to open source software compliance. Through an in-depth analysis of open source licenses, compliance processes, and best practices, we hope that participants will be able to acquire key knowledge in this workshop to ensure the compliance of open source projects. After the trainees complete the training, LFOSSA (Linux Foundation Open Source Software Academy) will issue a certificate of completion to them.
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