Open Atom Global Open Source Summit, fully upgrade and start again!

At present, open source has become an important collaboration method and ecological construction form for the development of the global information technology industry. Open source can gather the wisdom and strengths of all, accelerate iterative software upgrades, promote collaborative innovation between industry and application, and promote the improvement of industrial ecology. It has become the leading mode of global software technology and industrial innovation. The Open Atom Open Source Foundation, with the vision of prospering the open source business and sharing the value of open source, upholds an international perspective, highlights technological features, and promotes the prosperity of business formats, successfully held the Global Digital Economy Conference - 2022 Open Atom Global Open Source Summit. In June this year, the grand event will be fully upgraded and set off again!

Based in China and facing the world, the foundation will present the development achievements of open source ecology in my country and the world, as well as its long-term value and social benefits to the development of the digital economy, and promote the deep integration of open source software and the software industry.

This year, the grand event has been fully upgraded with richer content. The first is to bring together top open source forces more extensively . Government leaders, academicians and scholars, international open source leaders, open source leading enterprises, representatives of innovation and entrepreneurship parks, mainstream media, open source innovative talents, outstanding developers, etc. will be invited to participate in the conference to explore open source empowerment Digital economy and an effective path to promote social development. The second is to more comprehensively demonstrate the application of open source technology , focusing on the latest development of the global open source ecosystem and cutting-edge technology trends, covering multiple topics such as open source governance, open source projects, open source cutting-edge technologies, and open source industry practices. The third is to further fulfill the social responsibilities of national foundations , uphold the positioning of the foundation as a science and technology public welfare service organization, build a community of technological innovation, and help promote the development of a new generation of technology and industries around the world. The Atomgit code hosting platform is released to showcase the open atom Open source competition and open atomic school source public welfare project results, etc. The foundation will uphold the tenet of openness, sharing, and co-construction and co-governance, create a grand event in an open source manner, increase international cooperation, cover more participants and projects, and serve global developers.

Let us review the wonderful moments of the 2022 Open Atom Global Open Source Summit!

Thanks to all people from all walks of life who care about and support the Open Atom Open Source Foundation!

Wide range of participants: Enterprise CXOs accounted for more than 10%, industry experts accounted for more than 12%, and developers accounted for more than 51%. Covering software industry, computer hardware and consumer electronics industry, Internet and Web services, automobile transportation industry, consulting industry, media and government non-profit organizations and other fields;

New organization method : The summit adheres to the tenet of openness, sharing, and co-construction and co-governance. 50+ co-construction units and open source communities jointly organize sub-forums, and 63 companies and open source communities jointly participate in the construction of open source corridors;

Wide spread of the summit: The summit’s entire network exposure is 400 million+, live broadcast viewing is 5.78 million+, and social media related topics are exposed to 100 million+, Xinhuanet headline reports, China Central Television Chinese International Channel, China Central Radio and Television Headquarters Economic Voice In-depth reports, a number of central media, industry media and network media output multi-angle, multi-type and in-depth reports, with a total of 5,000+ media reports;

Fast transformation and landing: During the meeting, the foundation joined with more than ten colleges and universities across the country to launch the public welfare project of opening atomic schools; after the meeting, the foundation cooperated with well-known domestic enterprises and internationally renowned software manufacturers to accelerate the transformation and implementation of achievements;

Wide international exchanges: The summit publicized the open source service model and governance system of the foundation, and invited relevant leaders of international mainstream foundations such as Linux, Eclipse, and OpenSSF to give keynote speeches, talking about open source at home and abroad, showing the open attitude of Chinese foundations to integrate into the global open source ecology and cooperation sincerity;

Many participants: More than 20 industry organizations, 12 key platforms at home and abroad, and more than 20 leading enterprises actively participated;

Wide range of radiation: 22 provinces and cities across the country, 741 enterprises, and more than 30 scientific research and education institutions continue to pay attention.

Let us review the wonderful moments of the 2022 Open Atom Global Open Source Summit

Opening Ceremony and Summit Forum

Wang Jiangping, member of the party group and vice minister of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology

Jin Wei, Member of the Standing Committee of the Beijing Municipal Party Committee, Member of the Party Leadership Group of the Municipal Government, and Vice Mayor

Wang Weiwei, deputy director of the Department of Information Technology Development, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology

Sun Wenlong, Chairman of the Open Atom Open Source Foundation

Mei Hong, Academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences

Wang Huaimin, academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences

Lu Shouqun, Honorary Chairman of China Open Source Software Promotion Alliance

Zhao Xiangwei, deputy director of the Informatization and Software Service Division of the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Economy and Information Technology

Cheng Li, CTO of Alibaba Group

Jim Zemlin, Executive Director, The Linux Foundation

Chen Yuhong, Chairman and CEO of Chinasoft International Co., Ltd.

Tang Daosheng, Senior Executive Vice President of Tencent

He Zhengyu, Vice President of Ant Group

Mike Milinkovich, Executive Director, Eclipse Foundation

Xiao Ran, Vice President of Strategy and Industrial Development, Huawei

Brian Behlendorf, Managing Director, OpenSSF

Huang Ying, Director of iSoftStone Group

Wang Chenglu, CEO of Shenzhen Kaihong Digital Industry Development Co., Ltd.

Yang Jiguo, R&D Director of Intel Software and Advanced Technology Division

Ibrahim Haddad, Executive Director, LF AI & Data Foundation

Platinum Donor Awarding Ceremony

Gold Donor Awarding Ceremony

Awarding Ceremony for Silver Donors

Open Atom Open Source Contest Launching Ceremony

Launching Ceremony of Open Atom School Source Line


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