TCODE Open Source Forum 1.0.0 released: a primary forum community

       Hello everyone! I took early TCODE forum community projects to drive to. I am a college students, mainly majored in ASP.Net Web, there are some in the past on the basis of JavaWeb, so I used only a few new to power and JavaWeb students to engage in this project together, this is a use Java language with AJAX technology, with Apache Tomcat v8.5 as the project application server design, poor little theoretical basis, some language or technology was not so clear expression also hope a lot of pointed questions!

Because keen on open source, so the students together and engage in a open forum, there are currently known BUG:

In the personal-content that piece:

  1.  When you click thumbs and attention, and concern has been the thumbs up effect will disappear after refresh the page, but the record is indeed already added to it, should the two clicks again, the result of adding the two will disappear.
  2.  The first reply is not effective in the comments.
  3.  Should the reply to reply within the same page of the same comments will lead to modal box to blow up, it will only display a black background color, when this occurs Bug-per-click reply would lead to the background color of the modal box within the current page deepened, until black, after the refresh can be resolved

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