Docker creates new open source community and develops Compose Specification

Docker announced that it will create a new open source community to develop the Compose Specification . It will work with Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft, and others in the open source community to extend the Compose Specification. In addition to the existing Compose platform, it more flexibly supports cloud-native platforms such as Kubernetes and Amazon Elastic Container Service (Amazon ECS).

The team stated in a blog: "Opening this specification will enable innovation to flourish and provide developers with more choices to accelerate the way development teams build and deliver applications." 

The Compose Specification is a solution for developers to define container-based applications that are not related to clouds and platforms. There are more than 650,000 Compose files on GitHub.

Compose greatly simplifies developers' cloud processes and toolchain code by allowing developers to define a complex stack in a single file and run it with a single command. The company explained that this eliminates the need to manually build and start each container, which saves the development team time.

According to Docker, open governance will benefit the wide community of new and existing users by providing transparency and the ability to advise on the future direction of the specification and Compose-based tools. With greater community support and participation, it intends to submit the Compose Specification to the Open Source Foundation to further enhance the level playing field and openness.

If you want to start using Docker Compose to try existing features immediately, you can download Docker Desktop with Docker Compose here .

The draft specification is available from .

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