GNOME Foundation released 2018 annual report

GNOME Foundation today released the 2018 annual report , reviewed some of the important events of last year, the meeting / event, as well as public financial data.

In the 2018 fiscal year, GNOME Foundation received a total of more than $ 1 million in revenue, including the donated $ 400,000 . Compared with $ 270,000 the previous year, a substantial increase in their income.

Handshake is a DNS-compatible distributed without permission naming protocol (permissionless naming protocol), in which each peer are verified and is responsible for managing root zone, the purpose is to create an alternative to existing Certificate agencies.

Handshake its project sponsors and contributors that free and open source software is an important part of the Internet and its project-based, so they decided to make a donation through various FLOSS developers and projects, to present a variety of open source projects, foundations, organizations universities and has donated more than $ 10.2 million.

And most open source projects like GNOME Foundation's main source of income is dependent on donations, followed by advertising revenue and revenue meetings, there are some sponsorship. Of course, its revenues are basically put into the project, including increased activity budget for the Foundation to hire new employees, as well as increased funding for programs such as Outreachy.

2018 GNOME also succeeded in its code repository migration to gitlab , the community, this is definitely a good thing, because after the migration to GitLab, GNOME project is no longer just a code repository, but has become a multi-party can participate collaborative projects, the development team, organize team meetings, board of directors and other people can get involved with project management.

On GitLab some data about the GNOME

GNOME Foundation's 2018 annual report, please click here to view .

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