Laboratory management and technical training target internal auditor


  To help being established management system, and actively preparing to apply for recognition and accreditation of the laboratory units do preparatory work before the application, while helping has passed through laboratory accreditation and laboratory accreditation, according to the correct understanding and a new version of ISO / IEC 17025 : 2017 and "163 orders" and "qualified inspection agency finds assessment criteria" and other relevant requirements, guidance personnel to do the file system to establish, maintain, amend, supplement, version of the work, strengthen personnel training and technical training, training meet the requirements of internal auditors, in order to give you a better understanding of it, Hebei Hirohito will be held "ISO / IEC17025: 2017 internal auditor laboratory management skills training", dedicated to providing a platform of services for the testing industry, as follows:

  Technical Trainees]

  Lab internal auditors;

  Enterprises and institutions engaged in testing, calibration, product quality inspection work of the technical staff and the persons responsible;

  Ready to establish testing or calibration laboratory business management and technical staff;

  Research institutes, universities of testing and calibration laboratory managers and technical personnel;

  Or you want to grasp a better understanding of laboratory quality management and laboratory accreditation industry technical and management personnel knowledge;

  It intends to apply for or laboratory-related staff positions approved by the upcoming review.

  Technical Training objectives

  1, conformity assessment and understanding of the situation and development laboratory accreditation

  2, to help students correctly understand the ISO / IEC17025 criteria and establish laboratory quality management system in accordance with the requirements of the guidelines

  Appreciated ISO / IEC 17025: 2017 standard master audit steps and audit techniques

  3, learn to prepare the audit plan, checklist and audit report

  Technical training certificates]

  Students who pass the examination by technical training awarded ISO / IEC17025: 2017 Laboratory Management internal auditor qualifications, and to record, you can phone, online. The certificate obtained accredited certification bodies, strong authority, the National General.

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