"Design and Implementation of Laboratory Equipment Management System" Three

1. Title: Development direction and implementation of management information systems technology

2, Time: 2007

3, sent to the development of demand and Introduction

     1 Introduction to the development of information management system

      as a new discipline, information management system is a comprehensive discipline of knowledge management system, information management knowledge, computer knowledge as a basis. With the aid decision-making process of change in the problem persists, electronic information management system also has gone through several development following:

      1.1 electronic data processing stages of

      electronic data processing stage is marked by GM's payroll processing, it consists mainly of simple processing and data maintain stored data.

      1.2 MIS stage

      this concept mainly the United States and Stoeer Hom et al, and electronic data processing stage compared to stage in management information systems, we can be more comprehensive analysis of the various types of information, providing assistance for managers decision support and support information, realize the sharing of information. The system has a report query and output functions, calculation model solution capabilities, determine the functional problems and so on.

      1.3 decision support system solutions

      compared to the stage and management information systems, decision support system is mainly used to help decision-makers on issues of unstructured and semi-structured problem solving, decision-making by providing a method for the use of artificial intelligence - - given support and help. Usually the system is mainly composed of a data repository, Problem library, calculating model library systems modules, data processing speed, word processing speed, an image processing speed for lifting by using efficient office tools, and gradually to the compound, functional and management information systems integration stage of development.

      2 management information system introduced

      In management, the management system is mainly important data information items in the collection, analysis and presence to help managers develop specific management objectives specific working condition, check the project, and provide reference data for decision making by managers, by the use of systems engineering management measures, use of advanced computer technologies to help managers would do well to project management. In general, the management system may be divided into quality control, progress control, investment control, contract management four subsystems, all subsystems are connected to the database, and the database, and normal data exchange and transfer, as well as by the overall control system module management.

      2.1 Quality control system

      in the information management process, quality control is one of the main control objectives, through a lot of practice and research shows that quality is the basis for the reliability and economy of operation of the enterprise. Because all companies are consuming resources, human and financial resources, wide covers, which have decided to run the company is a technical, policy than the strong, complex management.

      2.2 contract management system

      contract management system mainly consists of the contract, rescission, change and develop so on. Which refers to the conclusion of the contract, after consultation, a written contract, and enter a specific contract to contract information management system for later recall. Contract change refers to the time required to change the content of the contract, after the parties to the contract negotiations, contract management system contract related modifications, changes and reach a new agreement. Termination of the contract means that the contracting parties to perform the contract in the absence of consensus party to terminate the contract, then the contract will need to delete the relevant contract information management system, to manage contracts through the use of contract management system to avoid the tedious work program higher management efficiency.

Design and Application Management System 3.1 System 3 Design

      3.1.1 System Management System

      main system management system is to provide a good way to manage the system administrator, not on the basis of accurate data on the system, managers can manually relevant data Adjustment. In addition, administrators can easily manage the system to register, assign user roles and logout a user of the user. After the system administrator to configure the database, you can switch between sqlserver databases, local databases, network databases, oracle database.

      3.1.2 information release system

      This system can facilitate management personnel use a browser to view specific construction information, there are a variety of ways to query, all the data provided by the system administrator, general user access can download and view the information.

      3.1.3 report processing system

      report processing system is mainly used for Excel spreadsheet processing, the system is compatible with the basic form of Excel spreadsheets, data and table of contents are saved to the database, after the formation of the monthly construction plans, it will pass Excel in the form of a report to be issued schedules, quick and easy management, can effectively conserve resources.

      3.2 Application Management System

      As the management information system is based on scientific management theory, computer technology, information processing technology, network communication technology based on a technology, mainly used to resolve business issues, processes the data for all levels managers to provide accurate data to support the application in the enterprise management information system, mainly in order to carry out automated, standardized, systematic management, information management and sharing, to meet the construction management process to gather information to determine the information, process information basic requirements, to provide accurate data to support construction management.

      In the application, through the computer center design and planning, construction units installed about the program, and the establishment of an information management center in accordance with the requirements and hotspot construction management, the establishment of information channels using the network and construction units, the organizational units and corporate decision-making the information layer holding a - induced. By establishing the effectiveness of information management platform, data transmission, according to the basic features and construction management work can only establish a management system for managing information related meta-analysis, and production management of construction planning and decision communicated to decision-making. Achieve comprehensive enterprise management decision-making.

      4 Conclusion

      Information Management is - a complex, cumbersome management process, covering all aspects of knowledge and technology, in the enterprise management information system, the entire workflow is also more complicated. Based on the research, development and design of the system study and preliminary application management and achieved good results, is worth to promote the use.

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