JSP Laboratory Equipment Management System

Development of the Internet in our daily life and learning has occupied a very important role in the future development, we will increasingly rely on digital technology to help us bring. Development of the Internet has on our society had a huge change in the values ​​of society also changed significantly.

The design uses JSP Internet architecture an online laboratory equipment management system to computerized laboratory equipment management. This paper starts for laboratory management system described from two aspects of theory and practice. Paper describes in detail the design and some knowledge to use, such as: the use of the system to the development of JSP and ADO.NET technologies. Then the entire design ideas, thoughts, objectives and overall structure made a clear plan. The last page of the display system, program design, database made a detailed explanation.

Laboratory management system using JSP technology in the Myeclipse. Its main features are: user management, staff management, laboratory management equipment, laboratory equipment maintenance management, vendor management, information inquiry, statistics, data backup. Thesis writing process, in strict theory and practice, these theories will be fully reflected in the system.

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