commonly provided source insight 3

Summarizes some source insight of some common settings, these settings needs vary, easily is the best for my own use.

1. paired brackets Highlight
"front left parenthesis, the left bracket" double-click the left mouse button, and which can be selected to match the content of the parentheses ( "", (), L {R}, between []).

2. Let {and} not indented
Options - "Document Options -" Auto Indenting - "Auto Indent Type choose Simple.
There: Let {and} do not indent: options- "document options-" auto indent remove the indent Open Brace and Indent Close Brace. (Does not help, can not pair alignment brackets!)

3. Add the file types
users can define their own type, Options- "Document Options-" add type , type definition file name and file name suffix.
Check include when adding to projects in the directory to add files to the project is the class file will be added to the SI project.
If you need to add all the files into the SI project, you can define a file type *. *.

4. Restore ctrl + a select all function
Options - "Key Assignments: find keyword save save all, change the ctrl + shift + a, find select all keyword select, change ctrl + a.

5. Set the background color
Options- "preference-" color- "windows background set the background color (wink Support: 85,90,205).

6. character sizes
Method 1: elected "view -" draft view ", you can let the width of each character in agreement. Shortcuts are "Alt + F12".
Method 2: Comment solve the Chinese font spacing is too large.
(1) .Options- "Style the Properties
(2). Find and Comment Comment Multi Line at left Style Name. Name select Font in its right under the corresponding Font properties box "Pick ..." is set to Times New Roman, regular, small four. OK, return Style Properties screen, Size to 10. The last settings Clolors box Foreground, point "Pick ..." to choose a color you like on OK
Note: The above method is common settings, Method 2 can set the font and font size comments!

7. Remove the comment when half of Chinese characters (? Delete a character, not characters, but will be more of a question mark)
① Copy SuperBackspace.em to Source Insight installation directory;
② Project → Open Project, Open Base project;
③ copy the past SuperBackspace.em added to the Base project;
④ restart SourceInsight;
⑤ Options → key Assignments', the Marco: SuperBackspace bound to BackSpace key;

8. practical shortcut
Shift + F8: Highlight the word
"ctrl + g" or "F5": jump to the specified line
"Ctrl + =" or Ctrl + mouse click logo: jump directly to the definition of the identity of the calling
Ctrl + F : in this document Find
F7: open the Browse project Symbols window, a quick engineering token is defined
F3: Find this document on the results of a
F4: this document search results next
Ctrl + M: Find or create a bookmark for next look back to this location

9. TAB key to indent solve the problem
Options- "Document Options Editing Options bar inside the lower right corner, the Expand tabs hook up, and then OK. OK, now the TAB key to indent four spaces and indentation in the SIS which looks aligned.
Under Linux TAB is 8 spaces length, this setting allows TAB and four spaces consistent! )

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