source insight portion shortcuts

1, Shift + F8 to highlight the specified character.

2, Ctrl + F to find out the results with F4, F3 look forward and back.

4, Alt + G or F5 to jump to a fixed line number.

5, Ctrl + M can manage their own label, you can define a number may be between a file or more files easily switched.

6, Ctrl + H is a search to replace the file, ctrl + shift + h search and replace in multiple files.

7, si in the column may be selected by holding down the left button and select alt.

8, Ctrl + / is to look for certain keywords in all open files in.

9, Ctrl + k shortcut to copy a row

10, we use Ctrl + / after finding the results, go after an index like to switch to the next with the F10, with a F9.

11, Ctrl + i add a row to the top line of the cursor. Automatically assigned to add a line at the bottom row of the cursor shortcuts are ctrl + enter, can not be used to change the options-> key assignment in Edit: Insert Line Shortcuts Before Next, I change became ctrl + o.

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