source insight font settings

1. Configure default font. Menu Options-> Document Options, configure the Screen Fonts is Arial 10 Bold. Point Auto Indent button, Auto Indent Type selected Smart, the Indent Open Brace and Indent Close Brace check box is removed, confirm. This time in bold font has the effect of VC inside the default System font. And most of this font in landscaping inside Source Insight, another font is more ugly. Including its default font. Arial 10 Bold also support Chinese normal, this is a must.


   2. Configure key color. Click on the menu Options-> Style Properties, set the style. In the Default Text Styles, Foreground color option Pick, RGB 0,0,128 to fill. This navy blue comfortable than the black point. Similarly, Ref to local, Ref to parameter, Ref to member, Standard Object, Standard Property set of gray 128,128,128. The Null value, Keyword, Ref to Class, Ref to struct, Ref to typedef, string are set to 0,0,255. The Ref to macro, Ref to Const, Ref to Enum, Ref to EnumConst to 160,0,160; and Ref to Method, Ref to Method Proto, Ref to Proto, Ref to Func, Standard Function 136,0 color set, 0 of crimson, the Comment to the green 33,133,33.


   3. fine-tune the color. If you see the color of the keywords does not meet our requirements, right click on the keyword in the pop-up menu has a Style Properties, go after is the corresponding entry, you can set its style, usually color.


   4. Save. After their satisfaction, after entering the Style Properties points Save button to save it, or even to an Internet for the next use, and share with friends.

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