Source Insight 4.0 common settings

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1. Introduction to Source Insight

Source Insight is a code editor and browser for software development. It has built-in analysis of C/C++, C# and Java source code, creates and dynamically maintains a symbol database, and automatically displays useful contextual information.

Source Insight is not open source, but there is a cracked version available online, see the previous blog post Source Insight4.0 installation and cracking . Compared with other mainstream open source code editors (Notepad++, Sublime Text, Emacs, Vim, etc.), because Source Insight can automatically create and maintain its own high-performance symbol database, including functions, variables, classes, structures and project source files Other types of symbols defined in it can quickly navigate the source code and improve the efficiency of developers to browse and edit the code.

Because of the efficiency of Source Insight, I switched from Notepad++ to Source Insight. Source Insight may not be accustomed to at first, try it and you will love it.

2. Common settings

2.1 Display the number of lines of code

Options->File Type Options…->Editing Options->勾选Show line numbers。

2.2 Automatically highlight after the word is selected

Options->File Type Options…->Editing Options->勾选Highlight references to selected symbol。

The effect is as follows: 
write picture description here

2.3 Highlight the selected word

Highlight: F8. Unhighlight: Press F8 again.

The effect is as follows: 
write picture description here

2.4 Code default font size and style settings

Modify the font size of the current code file: Hold down the Ctrl key and slide the mouse wheel to increase or decrease the font size of the code.

It takes effect for all code file fonts opened by Source Insight. To set the default font size of the code, the steps are as follows: 
(1) Options-> File Type Options->Screen Font. 

2.5 Window default font size setting

I generally set the Source Insight window layout as follows: 
write picture description here

Window font size and style setting steps: 
Options-> Preferences->Colors&Fonts->Set Panel Fonts and Colors. 
This setting is only valid for the above Window 1: Symbol Window and Window 4: Project Folder Browser, and the other two windows are invalid.

Window 2: The font size of the context window (Context Window) is set as follows: 
right-click in the panel ->Context Window Options->scaling.

Window 3: The font size of the Relation Window is set as follows: 
Right-click in the window ->Relation Window Options->Font.

2.6 Open the Source Insight related window

(1) Open the Symbol Window. 
View->Symbol Window. Shortcut key: Alt+F8.

(2)打开Context Window。 
View->Panels->Context Window。

(3) Open the Relation Window. 
View->Panels->Relation Window.

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