A little insight (3) process

    The company seconded some people from other companies. When they entered the office area in the morning, they suddenly found that a colleague's seat was vacant. He asked the colleague next to him, and the answer was: "I have already returned on the tenth."

    Suddenly, a sentence emerged in my mind: "Everyone has their own life course!"

    Every choice gives life a different story. Many people want to achieve financial freedom, so what if they have money! I also thought about it, wanting to live a slow life in a place with mountains and water.

    Life is our own, there are responsibilities and reality in life, and we are walking forward with mountains on our backs. But we can still do what we want to do in our spare time, and do it right away. Just like CSDN blogger An Xiaohui said: "Maybe your current job is not what you like. When you work hard to do what you like in your spare time and can support your life, you can switch to what you like. Things will go up."

    I like to play, and I will go out more on weekends. I like photography. Every time I am not working, I pick up my camera and take a picture.

    You have to learn to have fun for yourself! Work must also be serious, since it is being done, it must be done well.

    Sometimes I think that letting go is actually more powerful!

    Everything is inseparable from the body!

    Yesterday, my colleague went to attend the memorial service of a college classmate. On a technical public account, I saw that the 27-year-old operation and maintenance was unfortunately seriously ill! Take care of your body and let yourself meet more wonderful things.

    Yu Jian China, hometown Henan.

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