Promoting Inclusive Technology Education|2023 Open Atom Global Open Source Summit School-source Sub-forum is about to start

Technological innovation, talent first, colleges and universities as the main front for training open source talents, play a key role in the development of open source.

On June 13, the sub-forum of the 2023 Open Atom Global Open Source Summit will be held at the Yichuang International Convention and Exhibition Center in the Beijing Economic Development Zone. The theme of the forum is "Gathering in Schools, Open Source Together", representatives of well-known universities, outstanding open source associations, open source ambassadors, community experts, and leading technology companies will gather together to discuss the cultivation of open source innovative talents and promote the inclusiveness of science and technology education.

Currently, open source has become the mainstream model of global technological innovation. In 2021, open source was written into the "14th Five-Year Plan and 2035 Long-term Goal Outline" for the first time, rising to an important national strategy. For a long time, my country has been an important participant in the international open source community, but there is still a lot of room for improvement in terms of open source talents and open source education, especially leading innovative open source projects, willing to contribute and share open source, proficient in open source rules, and committed to the open source community Operational talents are currently in short supply, which has become an important restrictive factor in the construction of my country's open source innovation ecosystem.

Colleges and universities are indispensable and important bases for the cultivation of open source talents. Promoting open source education in colleges and universities, cultivating open source culture and spirit, and establishing an open source innovative talent training system integrating industry, learning and research are of great significance to my country's cultivation of information technology talents that meet the needs of future industries and the realization of sustainable development of open source.

Open Atom Open Source Foundation (hereinafter referred to as the "Foundation"), as my country's first open source foundation, shoulders the mission of popularizing open source culture and cultivating open source talents. For this reason, starting from 2022, the Open Atom School Source Travel public welfare project will be launched, aiming to give full play to the role of the foundation as a national open source public welfare platform, to carry out characteristic public welfare activities nationwide, to promote open source culture and cultivate open source talents from the "source" , enhance the social responsibility of science and technology innovation enterprises to open source, accelerate social open source innovation, and promote the high-quality development of the software industry.

This sub-forum will focus on new needs, new trends, and new trends in open source education and talent cultivation. It will focus on displaying the latest progress and project planning of school source activities, spread open source concepts in colleges and universities, promote excellent open source projects, and inspire teachers and students. Participate in open source, contribute to open source, and give back to the enthusiasm for open source.

In addition, the 2023 Tencent Rhino-Bird open source talent training plan will be released on the forum, and the open source course system jointly established by the Foundation and Tencent Changan Chain will also be made public for the first time on the forum.

We sincerely invite you to sign up to participate in the sub-forum of the school source trip to be held on June 13, and look forward to witnessing the new force of open source culture with you.


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