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Popular open source projects (containing a small four-axis, intelligent bracelet, light cube, intelligent vehicles, anti-lost items, etc.)

Extra! Extra! (Engage in four-axis, there is this is enough!) Small research-level four-axis STM32F4 chip supports WIFI and android mobile phone control adaptive control is cattle breaking!

The aircraft has a strong research and learning intentions for the use of small partners, if only want to play, then you certainly will not like this four-axis, the main idea is to provide a high-performance attitude control and algorithm verification platform, so at the expense of many "play" performance, but significantly improved the ability to communicate and operations. The aircraft can carry a large amount of communication data, the communication part I've done multi-threaded thread safety reasons, can freely printf to the host computer, do not have to consider the issue fully thread-safe data and casually interspersed (not tested the maximum amount of data that can carry much, but the flight control data transmitted in real time is stored sufficient). The key is to be the center of the most privileged locations occupied a screw hole ...... this is done the control algorithm of people necessary, universal joint connection test control. Upper and lower computer software development follow the "most simple, easy to modify" principle, to achieve most of the features, but the program did not write the "large and complex", so I use a program of small partners can be very convenient find the core code and make changes according to their own needs.



(Open source) Baidu intelligent motion bracelet (hardware and software design + source code + phone APP + protocol, etc.)

  Smart sports bracelet is a wearable device main direction of development, both domestic and international products available. Using a wrist worn way (there may be other forms of wear variant), basic functions of recording movement, sleep quality detection, mute and alarm time display, and practical functions generated with the smart phone (such as call reminder, anti-lost mobile phone, a key to unlock the camera and so on).



Share anti lost source Bluetooth 4.0 + + diagram explaining the PCB source video files +

The anti lost GB2540 Bluetooth 4.0 module design. GB254X is a Texas Instruments TI using Bluetooth 4.0 CC2540 or CC2541 as the core processor performance, low power consumption (Bluetooth Low Energy) system RF transceiver module, a Bluetooth protocol follows the low-power, single-mode for low-power Bluetooth application.



8 * 8 * 8 light Li party open, their spectrum, clock, animation, temperature display, host computer, wireless infrared remote control functions

STC12C5A60S2 done using light cube motherboard drivers, STC12C5608AD do chassis driving. Constant current LED driver chip DM13, traditional spike 573 + 2803 scheme. Solve burn LED. Board provided in the annex circuit board and a driving circuit, a total of two plates, through the serial port.



Open Source! Imitation of successful projects abroad - Colorful LED Aurora (PCB Gerber file, the program source code)

LED lights welding: found that road 3.3V supply the PCB, see the corresponding pad of each LED, the LED can correspond to a total of the male end.

All were male end of the LED is that one should be long near the center of.



13 in the open source - AC-DC power supply, circuit diagram, PCB and source code

DC power supply is a DC output 0-30V 5A TL494 line; 10-120HZ variable frequency AC voltage, 0-30V adjustable amplitude, 5A output; frequency AC power source portion is MEGA8 + DDS + Class D digital amplifier chip do.



Old phone + Arduino's pinnacle - video surveillance robots, remote remote control (open source design data sharing)

Ta video surveillance robot with a common wifi-robot different. Common wifi-robot they use OpenWRT routers board and USB camera, and video surveillance robot uses idle old Android phone as the brain of the robot.



arduino open source project - four crawler smart car

This is the function selection control board car (buton1 function selection key, button confirmation key, lights 1--5: function indicator, lights 6: prompt confirmation lamp)



arduino making open source a brush mini four-axis aircraft

To download attachments containing flight control procedures, debugging software, flight control instructions. Attachment to download software that arduino programmer. Check whether the software can be used to debug software requires JAVA support, you can use 360 ​​software housekeeping install JAVA. Everything ready before you start purchasing and production. DIY difficult, not suitable for beginners.



Open source project! With RTL8367RB build five Gigabit Switch

Home study LAN, PC are Gigabit ports, but the table TP-link8 port switch is megabytes, when the two machines to transmit data backup, the peak can only 11M / s or so. No Naige have about 100G resources, it is unbearable turtle speed. Moreover, the study PC2 Taiwan, a Taiwan server, plus the extraordinary session with laptop, up to five enough, tp-link 8-port switch some waste and not refined.



Based on the open source Android and Arduino development board to make their own smart watch

On the Circuit City saw some very interesting watches wearable intelligent design, such as low power consumption pedometer (smart watch), PIC24F microcontroller smart watches, intended to take to build its own smart watch. The DIY Smart Watch is based on Android and Arduino development board, all hardware and software design projects are open source. It is worth mentioning that the smart watch has supported u8glib, and it allows you to choose any screen you want to use (including OLED), and the screen occupied by the RAM can become less.



Quadcopter open source articles -Arduino drift FPV head tracker (head chase) production

This article and share-based open-source Arduino chase of production. First of all, first introduced Arduino, Arduino is simply a single chip, he is an open source hardware platform and provides a development platform, it is important that all this is for free, and the Arduino programming environment is simple, easy for beginners can get started, and there are plenty of open source code for your reference.



Open source project production: Mini Quadcopter based on Arduino platform

Can personally make a smaller than the palm of your hand, weighs just over 30 grams of Mini four-axis aircraft, will be more a sense of accomplishment. This article taught you make four-axis flight control system based on open-source Arduino platform (flight control system, referred to as "flight control").



Smart wear Dai Kaiyuan Guifushengong production - Programmable bracelet, may implement any functions

DA14580 module is an ultra-low-power Bluetooth module. Used in smart wearable devices, Bluetooth wristwatch, wireless keyboard, wireless mouse, tablet computers.



(Open) Foreign visual control of the robot tank (hardware + source code, etc.)

Share this document is designed for foreigners visual control tank robot design information is very comprehensive, from the hardware design to the entire source code, we are free for everyone to share. To complete the design, I think still need to have some ability of people to complete.



STM32 open source projects (including competition works, graduation, foreign projects, maker culture projects, etc.)

Achieve an isolated word speech recognition system on the [graduation] STM32 embedded platform

Speech recognition is a machine of the human voice signal into the corresponding text or commands to identify and understand the technical process, its fundamental purpose is developed a machine having auditory function. The design study isolated word speech recognition system and its implementation on the STM32 embedded platform. Identification process are: a pre-filter, ADC, sub-frame, endpoint detection, pre-emphasis, windowing, feature extraction, feature matching. Endpoint detection (VAD) and a short-time short-time amplitude zero-crossing rate combination. After active speech is detected, according to the human auditory perceptual characteristics, calculated for each frame of speech Mel Frequency Cepstral Coefficients (MFCC). Then dynamic time warping (DTW) algorithm and characterized matches the template, the final recognition result is output. To simulate the above-described algorithm Matlab, after numerous tests results algorithm required optimum value of each coefficient. The algorithm is then transplanted to STM32 embedded platform, according to the embedded platform during transplantation is relatively small storage space, computing power is relatively weak in the actual situation, the optimization algorithm. The final design and produce based STM32 isolated word speech recognition system.



STM32 open source production of portable devices - programmable MP3 player (including all design data)

MP3 player with a STM32F103RC do master, added a OLED display, you can write your own custom program control function. Leave download port can also be used as a development board.



[Electricity] works race-based STM32 minimum system + Snake game ili9320 display

Snake STM32 based game platform, movable by an external direction control buttons and snake deceleration and snake color will change with the amount of beans to eat changed (not shown in the video), the programming works aimed at increasing interest sex.



STM32 control of two-wheeled self-balancing intelligent vehicle production process the whole solution

The self-balancing electric with its flexible, convenient, energy-saving features, has been a great development, today to introduce a balanced car control panel --BalanceRobot (Balancs), use it to create a balance of two car models, to study the control principle two balanced car. Driver board incorporates all the resources required to produce equilibrium vehicle, mounted to the vehicle bracket balance, provide power balance control can be achieved motorcycle.



Intelligent monitoring system Kitchen (lower machine source code + APP + Design Analysis)

The system can monitor this kitchen special attention to the needs of local security. The access apparatus includes a plurality of sensors, and the free use of the configuration according to the sensor type. Device access cloud platform, you can understand the current state of the smartphone in real time, through intelligent algorithms to assess the safety factor, to make specific protective measures. And you can also make manual correction process.



STM32 based music player source circuit the PCB + + + source code papers

Specific functions are as follows:

MP3 playback, support for MP3 / WAV / WMA / MIDI playback, support fast forward, rewind, lyrics display Support multi saying the lyrics share tag

Radio, support automatic station search, FM76 ~ 108M, automatic storage units

Picture playback, support for 16bit, 24bit, 32bit, of any size BMP picture browsing, as well as JPEG / JPG picture browsing (as long as the correct format, size limitation)

Thermometer, DS18B20's

Color lamp function

Power amplification

Million years, support the solar calendar, lunar calendar, week display and solar terms

Alarm clock function, support for eight alarm clock, alarm any way, support for MP3 and radio as an alarm, inspired by the cottage Iphone alarm clock.

Gaming, puzzle games, three difficulty

E-book function



STM32 coding based two-dimensional code and a display (source code)

This is based on the battleship STM32 write code and two-dimensional code display. 2.8-inch TFT LCD, due to the limitations of pixels, the matrix I only 57X57, two-dimensional code encoding process is to find online. Try holding the psychological, the successful transplantation, the code inside to do a little processing, can be adjusted according to the size of the pixel matrix. The two-dimensional code generation a little less than if the Chinese characters outside of Japan Kanji, scan QQ and micro-channel parsed characters are Japanese words, by Taobao Lynx and Alipay can correctly identify the Chinese (to understand not deep enough, tried failed Chinese, back), the code which did not comment, Chinese comments are mine to go, in some places the comment wrong, then please forgive me.



STM32 achieve self-balancing two-wheeled vehicles, APP Bluetooth remote control (schematics, source code, APP, video)

The self-balancing vehicle features:

Used car chassis is integrally formed of sheet metal, and the surface made of black anodized, more dirt, more robust, and not use other acrylic practice to fix the motor holder.

The two black acrylic, and seamless chassis, more stylish and beautiful.

Encoding Grating motor protective cover, avoiding collisions result in damage to the car traveling grating, the grating if damaged, would like to stand up on the car impossible.

Geared motors rather than using a stepping motor, and more responsive.

The board the board is designed to completely customize mode, rather than put together modules.

APP use Android Bluetooth remote control.

Dual master control circuit, the same self-balancing vehicle manned two existing programs on the market, for a motion control, for an attitude solution, higher reliability.

Circuit provides a 3.3V power supply portion 2, an attitude sensor for a separate power supply, in addition to one for all other portions of the posture sensor 3.3V supply, to avoid the impact power cross, to attitude solution brings higher accuracy .



Multifunctional game controller design (circuit video presentation + + source code)

The design is based on the sharing of design STM32 Multifunction gamepad. The multifunction circuit chip according to the game controller comprises: STM32F103C8T6, MMA7260, PAM3101DBA330, SSD1306 like. Hardware components: two circuit boards and a handle part STM32 board.



The evaluation board circuit ST + PCB STM32 original source file

ST original STM32 evaluation board schematics and PCB source file, four-layer board, opened with Altium Designer, the layout is very beautiful, we want to help.



The self-balancing trolley full set of data sharing

Since the car need to balance an angular velocity component and the acceleration component 2, to obtain more accurate values ​​of the inclination angle trolley fusion filtering. View online car a few years ago, we are using three separate ic built, but also use the analog inputs; find information on the Internet, are now integrated ic, mainly spi interfaces and iic, but also interrupt input. I bought this module only iic interface, and does not interrupt output, iic interfaces, it can only be used periodically query; acceleration sensor uses ADXL345, an angular velocity sensor using L3G4200D, these two ic manual data is relatively complete, easy to learn.



(Bi-based) design is based on the STM32 multifunctional MP3 (Schematic + PCB + source code)

Multi-function MP3 Features:

Music player: can play MP3, WMA, WAV, MID, FLAC, OGG audio file formats, and can display playback progress, time, bit rate, with spectrum display, synchronous lyrics display, can be implemented on one, the next song, pause, play, Close to return to the file browser. By clicking the progress bar can be achieved fast forward and rewind. By setting a button, you can set the treble, bass, spatial effects, the play mode.

Digital Photo Frame: to decode bmp, jpg, jpeg, gif format images can be played through the upper half of a touch screen, touch the lower half of play under a long press to return to the file browser.

E-book: to open .txt ,, h, .c, .lrc file, you can set the font color and background color.

Calculator: to complete the calculation of arithmetic.

Calendar: Gregorian calendar can be displayed, lunar, zodiac, week, analog clock, the menu may be provided with a date and time.

Camera: The camera function can be completed, click, heard the buzzer to complete the short call camera features, you can enter the digital photo frame file browser add under the DCIM folder to view photos, press the main interface is returned.

Non-specific speech recognition: the prompts statement, complete voice interaction.

Setting: brightness setting the screen



Based on the camera STM32 + OV7670 [schematic, PCB, reference source]

STM32 based cameras, including schematics, PCB, reference code, after each test module is part of the normal function. We are interested can go to develop it. This camera module, 3.2 inch 320 * 240, the liquid crystal display driving SSD1289, SRAM, OV7670 module (without the FIFO), shutter circuit (keyboard side), dual LED flash, BC04 Bluetooth module, the RCT clock, DS18B20 + SD card (SDIO) and so on.



Internet radio based stm32 DIY mp3 player

Use STM32F103ZE chip, through the network audio streaming on the Internet DM9000AEP (supports shoutcast, http mp3 stream) crawl down on the board first expansion outside of the SRAM cache. Then becomes PCM audio on STM32F103ZE by mp3 decoding software decoder, to be played back through the DMA PCM1770



(ST Contest prize works) Ultrasonic selfie artifact

For never played Andrews students are not also want to experience the fun of Andrew brought us, it was not Andrews did not learn, can not control the phone? Andrews can not experience the fun of it brought us? In addition to Bluetooth and wifi substandard, we can not have a simpler, more creative, more practical solution, so that the majority of electronics enthusiasts to experience the fun with STM32 control the phone, the answer is yes.


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