Effective Managers - Emphasizing Contributions

What is a "contribution"?

Significant impact on the performance and outcomes of the organizations I serve .


The relationship between the individual and the organization?


          Organization         <--------------------------------------           Individual

【Goal, Achievement】    -------------------------> 【Sense of Achievement, Value】


Job Responsibilities

personal contribution




Everyone is an independent existence; but in an organization, it is just a place that needs to be filled

local work

Overall result

All the results of one person, in the organization, are only partial work

unifying functions

individual creation

The organization has responsibilities and requirements for this position, and what needs to be done in this position; but when individuals face this requirement, each person's creation is different, and individual differences are large; for example, some people are finished, some people is doing well

Organization's requirements for individuals

The value an individual adds to an organization

a bit ditto


Contribution thinking -------- my work effectiveness

How to think about contribution?

1. What are the actual needs of the organization?

2. How can I use my strengths to best contribute to meeting needs ?

3. What must I achieve to make a difference?


What is a manager's "contribution"?

1. Direct Results

2. Establish and reinforce values

3. Develop talent


Contribution thinking ---------correct interpersonal relationship

Contribution - based relationships that help both parties produce outcomes and achievements .


Summary: Pay Attention to Contributions

1. Paying attention to contribution is the key to being effective. The first question a manager should ask at work is: "What can I contribute?"

2. Communicate effectively with the relevant people about the contribution you want to make and the proposal to submit to your superiors .

3. People who actively think about "what can I contribute " and can contribute to organizational performance and results should be promoted .

4. The person being promoted should ask himself ------- "What can I do to make a difference?"



Don't focus on what the organization has done to you  ---------> it's a constraint

Actively think about what the organization can do for you ----------> This is an opportunity


  To focus on contribution is to focus on results

" Organizational Outcomes " = " Individual Achievements "

        >> Self-realization


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