Medical laboratory testing can be done at home, [LetsGetChecked] completes $12 million in Series A financing

"I have an uncle who has cystic fibrosis, and he needs to have his kidney function checked in the hospital every month to monitor his health. Going to the hospital must be treated as a daily activity, which is very tedious."  

Peter Foley, the founder of LetsGetChecked, wants to solve the problem that patients often travel to and from the hospital for testing, so that patients in need can complete the inspection items in the medical laboratory at home. LetsGetChecked proves that patients are willing to pay for convenience. With LetsGetChecked, patients don't have to leave their jobs and go to the hospital for testing.

Recently, LetsGetChecked has received US$12 million in its first round of financing. This round of financing was led by Optum Ventures, and Qiming Venture Partners also participated in this round of financing.

Medical laboratory testing can be done at home, [LetsGetChecked] completes $12 million in Series A financing

Founded in 2014, LetsGetChecked offers a range of lab tests directly to consumers. The company sends users a test kit to collect a sample, usually a needle-prick blood sample, and users can follow the instructions in the kit or watch a tutorial video in the associated app to learn the procedure.

When users complete sampling and send samples, they can only be identified by barcodes to ensure patient privacy during the process. The samples will be sent to the laboratory that the company cooperates with to complete the test, and the test results will be sent to the doctors of LetsGetChecked, who will evaluate the results and provide consultation services for the patients. If the test results are outside the normal range, the doctors will also provide users with Provide consulting guidance.

LetsGetChecked has integrated with global shipping companies to ensure that samples are delivered to the laboratory quickly, which also ensures the stability and validity of the samples.

In addition to offering services directly to consumers, LetsGetChecked has created API tools to integrate telehealth services. When Internet medical companies conduct online consultations with patients, if there is no clinical data provided by laboratory testing items, many consultations are difficult to carry out. Partnering with these telehealth businesses to help them complete patient lab tests could allow these online healthcare providers to truly become primary care providers. The patient does not have to travel anywhere in person.

After this round of financing, most of the company's funds will be used to expand the company's scale, including increasing the clinical support team. It will also be used to build APIs with smooth data flow between patients, labs and healthcare providers.

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