PAT甲级——A1100 Mars Numbers

People on Mars count their numbers with base 13:

  • Zero on Earth is called "tret" on Mars.
  • The numbers 1 to 12 on Earth is called "jan, feb, mar, apr, may, jun, jly, aug, sep, oct, nov, dec" on Mars, respectively.
  • For the next higher digit, Mars people name the 12 numbers as "tam, hel, maa, huh, tou, kes, hei, elo, syy, lok, mer, jou", respectively.

For examples, the number 29 on Earth is called "hel mar" on Mars; and "elo nov" on Mars corresponds to 115 on Earth. In order to help communication between people from these two planets, you are supposed to write a program for mutual translation between Earth and Mars number systems.

Input Specification:

Each input file contains one test case. For each case, the first line contains a positive integer N (<). Then N lines follow, each contains a number in [0, 169), given either in the form of an Earth number, or that of Mars.

Output Specification:

For each number, print in a line the corresponding number in the other language.

Sample Input:

elo nov

Sample Output:

hel mar

 1 #include<bits/stdc++.h>
 2 using namespace std;
 3 int main(){
 4     string low[13]={//数字到火星文低位的映射
 5          "tret","jan","feb","mar", "apr", "may", "jun", "jly", "aug", "sep", "oct", "nov", "dec"};
 6     string high[13]={//数字到火星文高位的映射
 7          "tret","tam", "hel", "maa", "huh", "tou", "kes", "hei", "elo", "syy", "lok", "mer", "jou"};
 8     unordered_map<string,int>temp;//火星文到数字的映射
 9     for(int i=0;i<13;++i){
10         temp[low[i]]=i;
11         temp[high[i]]=i*13;
12     }
13     int n;
14     scanf("%d%*c",&n);
15     string digit="";
16     while(n--){
17         getline(cin,digit);
18         if(isdigit(digit[0])){//如果是数字
19             int k=stoi(digit);
20             if(k/13!=0)//高位不为0,输出高位
21                 printf("%s",high[k/13].c_str());
22             if(k/13!=0&&k%13!=0)//高位低位均不为0,输出空格
23                 printf(" ");
24             if(k/13==0||k%13!=0)//高位为0或者高位不为0但低位为0时,输出低位
25                 printf("%s",low[k%13].c_str());
26             puts("");//换行
27         }else{//是火星文
28             int k=0;
29             stringstream stream(digit);
30             while(stream>>digit)//按空格键分割字符串
31                 k+=temp[digit];
32             printf("%d\n",k);
33         }
34     }
35     return 0;
36 }