Article twenty-eight social unspoken rules

Today Login Jane book shopping for a while, when I saw an interesting article, I feel a little sense, then extract the way down, and encourage one another.

Twenty-eight social unspoken rules: first learn not to get angry, and then learn stakes

1, to people in certain positions, must have his attractions, no matter how much you hate him.

2, in order to shield some people's circle of friends, his colleagues, the best micro-channel assigned to a group, have to be shielded with a shield.

3, do not always put others in front of your friends and more Niubi, you have to understand the achievements of others has nothing to do with you.

4, between friends and colleagues, help is mutual affection, not a duty to help, not to other people is good for you, as a matter of course.

5, and colleagues fight alone to buy things takeout, be sure to capture the details of the payment to everyone, you trust me, of course I also reliable.

6, borrowed other people's money must press Shihai, if not the first on points several times, the more money if contact each other, do not because of guilt and ignore each other, it can easily be understood as a clear conscience indifferent.

7. Do not put your heart to not want to show people candidly reveal part out of sympathy by easy access to friends, the heart does not necessarily think highly of you.

8, regardless of school, workplace or community, are not contrary to the intention to blindly to please others, some circles after all, not his own, and strive to do their own, to please themselves may be more likely to have good returns.

9, complaining not only can not solve the problem, but also a time to strengthen stubborn thinking, had not much to say much more thing to make their anger, and ultimately into the world owe their cycle.

10, we always like to go with the flow to get the perfunctory thorns on bumpy road of life, but rarely admit the real go with the flow, in fact, do everything we can not force after, rather than Liangshouyitan omission.

11, do not become a professional interest. Only interest when, without anyone nod. How you love to sing, cook, love how the design of your home, or investing in stocks, is your own business. Once the interest to become professional, you need to hit everyone nodded. Interest into a job, the garden became a battleground. Its like something to do, it is better to do good things. Garden flowers keep it.

12, whether you want to go to work, or want to go wandering, if you've been hesitant and cautious, it is because you have not the cost of trial and error. Once you have decided one thing we should do practical, do not bang and then to decline thrice.

13, whether to receive e-mail, SMS or micro-channel messages received please reply. Others find you chat, you are busy or do not want to talk, we can tell each other something; if after a long time before you reply, you can say sorry, again, to talk ...... receive a response is a kind of respect, is the embodiment of character.

14, others for you to see cell phone photograph, do not easily paddled around to see, things should not tamper with other people, I want to consult about the opinions of others, if you lend the set to take good care of them.

15, do not go across the screen to discredit a person or a thing, what you see is what someone else wants you to see. The truth, only clear party.

16, life is short, you should kindness, patience, respect, tolerance for use in all that you do that to a person, some people, not worth it.

17, after work, your social circle getting smaller and smaller, it is difficult to make new friends, without any kind of utilitarian friends is even more rare.

18, when you are brilliant, always around no shortage of friends, and when you distress, but had friends fell apart. A true friend is what? Probably: my success, he does not envy; I am weary, he slighted.

19, to be the last real man is not rely on passion, but just the right love and commitment. Everything can be moderate, who run far too hard, too hard, love is not satisfactory.

20, you know, what is subservient and courteous, what is flattery and praise others, you have to understand, caustic humor and mouth owe are two different things, outspoken and frank are two different things, uneducated and casual are two different things. See through not to say it, not Appreciating critic, known reason not argue.

21, Shen less than heart to read, impetuous anxiety, because older, do not believe the right way and caused too utilitarian.

22, learn to save money, restrain desire, you never know when to use the money.

23, I used to think just a little effort, you can focus on awareness, increase productivity, be gentle with anyone you want to treat the tender. But in bad physical condition when I found that the degree of difficulty to control their emotions and physical condition are closely related, the problem can be resolved much less willpower than I imagined. Wonderful people's eyes so that people might want to become like the people, but there is no way. The body is the capital of revolution. A poor physical limitations can not bring you rely on willpower to break.

24, I do not believe what freedom lazy, I aspire to freedom is through hard work and broader life trying to achieve, that kind of freedom is precious and valuable; I believe in the law of ten thousand hours, I never I believe a dream come true inspiration and wait for success. Make a free and disciplined people, it is bound by the determination to achieve serious alive.

25, cheap stuff, you buy only the moment is happy, when with no day is fun, good quality stuff, money is distressed that moment, are happy with the time of day, I feel especially worth .

26, the biggest mistake I made is that I think that the work go down easier, but in fact go up easier, because of the high level of human brain more clearly, to reason things. Small place minds of many people turn up, you talk to them to see those every day, time and energy is wasted in it up. Find the object is the same, you think you're looking for a honest, simple, good live, in fact, if his mind is not good, more trouble.

27, McDull said: There are things that speak out, not waiting for the other to comprehend, the other is not you, do not know what you want, wait until the last can only be sad and disappointed, especially feelings.

28, not good for a person, because you will eventually find that such a long time, that person is you get used to, then you do everything as it should be seen. In fact, it could have been so foolish as to all costs regardless of return, but the reality people are always cold heart. In fact, you knew, but the feelings of the most humble, most cold but the people.

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