These programmer you must know the unspoken rules of the workplace

First, straight to the point
one day for lunch, I and my colleague and friend, while eating and talking gossip, said: There is a division of leading technology in general, a lot of things on the project and asked him, he does not know, can not know why when the managers do is rely on their own work in the company's long service life?

Later, I thought about this problem for a long time, also plagued me for a long time, there is a stage, even a little hate this person, there are things on the project and asked him, can not solve, so comfortable and unlike some colleagues together , between talk and laugh will be able to resolve the matter.

Is a noon, and I'm an elderly friend for dinner, he was technical director of a listed company to do, I put my confusion tell him, he smiled and said to me: a lot of things, there is a reasonable, Since it exists, it must have its reasons, you may still not understand.

He tapped me on the shoulder and told me that ah, there is the workplace of some unwritten "hidden rules", many people mastered it, its capability in the workplace, promotion knighted; some people complacent, do not have the rule, not follow the rules, not natural mix. After listening to my suddenly become clear.

If you are a fledgling new job and have worked for 3 to 5 years, work has been unhappy in the workplace veterans, the following information will look.

Second, the fledgling

  1. Integrate into the new environment,
    workplace, is the transition from student to employees, the main reason for companies to recruit graduates of a few as follows: cheap, obedient, to work overtime, creativity and strong.

In school, teachers teach; but in the enterprise, teach someone is lucky, no one to teach is a normal phenomenon, so how quickly integrate into a new environment, they are as follows:

1. ask

Do not be shy expression, the old thinking, said: "such a simple question I can ask ah, in fact, you go through these things, you may have already experienced leadership", remember not to ask any questions come up, it is taboo some questions when you think Baidu had, really do not understand, ask, ask add their own thinking, this is a better way.

2. closed loop thinking

The couple first came to the company, department heads may be assigned to every day tasks, such as a simple solution point bug, closed-loop thinking means: the lead in organizing the mission, after the completion of relevant results to timely feedback to executives, including what you do, where to progress, what are the problems. Improve the initiative, do not wait for leaders to personally intervene, nor have: he might know what I'm doing right idea.

3. learn

Newcomers entering the workplace, competence and experience are not competitive, with a number of new, more prominent you how to do? Some people will find that rapid progress, and soon started to do the project, while others still remain in the preliminary phase, which is the importance of learning, and more overtime, to learn, after the first bitter sweet, delayed enjoy.

  1. bad impression? good impression!
    And strive to make a good impression to colleagues

Company A colleague said to B: "new colleague C very nice, fast solution BUG, ​​code quality recent submissions are high, the comment is also clear, in strict accordance with the company's code specifications to new arrivals. D pretend to understand, one week of a BUG have not yet been solved, the code does not review the submission. "

Such a dialogue, I believe that will happen every day in many companies, your every move leaders and colleagues within sight, until the promotion and pay rise, the manager will definitely give more consideration to C instead of D.

We know the need to create a good impression for a long time, will be able to form a bad impression, and give them a good impression is very important in the workplace.

Let others you Shudamuzhi

  1. Responsibility and habits
    [1] courage to take responsibility

When students can not assume responsibility for the workplace but do not shirk responsibility. As a student, even though they have grown, parents, teachers, including other people will see you as a child. Many young professionals fear of commitment, fear of making mistakes, for young professionals, do not be afraid to make mistakes, or fear fear hands feet, now you do not make mistakes, do not wait until 5 years after the mistakes, then I believe no one will forgive you. Something happens not to say: I do not know, this is not under my control, try to pay more, and more to help others, many things are mutual. As the saying goes, with great power comes great responsibility.

[2] develop good habits

Prepare a notebook, meetings and other occasions, ready to record.
Diligent induction, induction will let you know more comprehensive and thorough, timely discover knowledge on their own lack of knowledge.
Summary by before work each day. (Bloggers worked for four years, almost notebook recorded about 10, a lot of knowledge, do not look for a long time, to forget, looking through the notebook can recall.)

  1. Pretend to understand?
    Remember not pretend to understand the new workplace, larger companies grace the couple, the couple's aim is to learn quickly and grow into the company's work as soon as possible, remember not pretend to understand the mentality there, give yourself greatly reduced points, boring.

Third, the workplace veterans
workplace like a battlefield, this sentence is not just for young professionals to apply a lot of work for three to five years into the career development bottleneck of students as applicable.

  1. Work hard?
    90% of programmers are all working hard type, some good programmer at the same time work hard, but also take time to think sum up, very rewarding, because you can not simply bow to pull carts, but also pay attention to look up the road otherwise, the wrong direction, it will be the opposite.

Good programmers in addition to strong technical capabilities, it will also regularly review, think about the future, focus on industry trends, new technologies continue to learn, to maintain a good technical acuity. And good programmers chat, you will find that extraordinary conversation, logical, well aware of the dynamic industry, which of course are the need of spare time to learn charged.

  1. Complacent?
    Way programmers generally have two, one is a technical expert, is a turn management direction, some programmers complacent, do not learn, one year of work experience for 10 years. That in addition to improve their technical capabilities, we also need what skills to master? For two roads also need to prepare for what?

Broaden their horizon, is not limited to their own circle areas of expertise, to reach out to all areas is around cattle, keeping an open mind to learn.
Improve their English, if you want to go to a larger platform, English ability is very important, especially some foreign companies.
Ability to learn quickly, iteratively updated technology, though not fast, but need to constantly learn new knowledge, build their own knowledge network.
Improve communication skills, both technical department manager, or pure manager, communication skills can be very important.
Improve logical thinking ability and communication skills, many programmers are otaku, unwilling to speak, when a leader or manager, this must be changed.
The body is the capital of revolution, engage in exercise, programmers are often reported news of sudden death.

  1. To try, in all sorts of
    salaries is not all
    stock code many programmers were born in rural areas, poor family, with increasing age, there will appear on the old, under a small situation, a stable salary and can not feed their families, auto loans, mortgage is overwhelmed, not to mention easy to resign. But we look at some programmers had a very comfortable easy life, because they in addition to their main business, there are sideline, sideline and income may be higher than the main industry, the lower the marginal cost sideline, spending less time, like me:

Write technology blog upgrade their technological capabilities, make friends, enhance the influence, someone about a book, write technical articles and so on, the article some time ago about the public number, write tweets, earned pocket money, and meet various quarters great God (wheat uncle, sail to the sea, the third goddess Cheng Yi difficult, program ape society) and so on.
Part-time website I will upload some sites in a number of programs, some people buy, there are benefits, a lot of this form, as CSDN charges column, and the marginal cost of these benefits is very low, no maintenance, there was subscription revenue.

Business micro-channel public number pick ad just more than a month of rice also earn a thousand, to promote micro-channel public number is more difficult if you have a high quality of technical articles, naturally less concerned you will not, so keep learning, improve technological capabilities seem particularly important.
A lot of people quit the status quo, do not want to move do not want to move, if you are not satisfied with the current company, you can try to change jobs, change a new environment, the original company salary increase rate is limited. Quit destined for better platform, the treatment may be better, in addition to the interview can discover their own shortcomings. Remember not to change jobs frequently, otherwise it will make people think you are not at ease, not athletic, impatient.

With money so blind
Fourth, the 30-year-old programmer anxiety of
Baidu search for 30-year-old programmer will appear such as: How to find a way out 30-year-old programmer, 30-year-old unemployed programmer, 30-year-old programmer to more and more confused, from these topics see, now 30-year-old programmer looks like a little anxiety.

Anxiety 30-year-old programmer's
30-year-old began to anxiety, and I want to say is: a man thirty, forty, perplexed, and thirty years rapid development stage is the cause of the upswing. 30-year-old programmer, should not be the end, but rather a better start!

Before the age of 30, Ma did not know what the Internet was.
30 years old, Wang Jianlin was still a soldier, earned a million for him, probably never imagined.
Qu Yuan was 50-year-old Fu Li Sao, reached the pinnacle of his literary achievements.
Journey to 82 years before his death, was the "Journey to the West" finished.
57-year-old living in Beijing selling paintings by Qi Baishi, few people buy; his 66-year-old event horses Xu Beihong appreciated only from well-known, that year, he was 66 years old.
41-year-old founder Lei Jun millet.
65-year-old Harland Sanders founded Kentucky Fried Chicken.
Overheating 47-year-old founder of Smartisan failure, starting April 1 will broadcast sellers.
. . . .

Why not a little insistence, programmers had chosen this line, one is treated well, can provide a good life for his family, on the other hand is love, enjoying the code to knock them out of a sense of accomplishment, happiness is actually very simple programmer .

Because believe, so that the world is after all, it belongs to the optimists.

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