A nice performance testing tool - Glances

Anyway, I often use htop tool to handle computer performance test. But it can only be managed. And briefly displays the process and cpu and memory usage information;

glances relatively good performance testing tool. Compared htop can display more information disk io net and so on. And there are web ui and ipc mode. When we have multiple machines, the use of this tool is extremely easy to use.

glances tools you can use yum install on fedora. Specific usage information can be viewed using the man pages. You can also use h after glances view.

Use mode:

glances -1 directly into the command line 

When using # webUI mode to use pip install bottle respective mounting assembly, in order to use;

glances -p 9090 --username --password -w # webserver open mode specified port and username

glances -p 9090 --username --password -s # rpcserver open mode and specify the port and the user name

glances -c hostname -p 9090 # hostname and other information to develop connections rpcserver

For more information please use the glances -h View;

Warehouse Address: https://github.com/nicolargo/glances

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