Performance testing tool-PerfDog

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Reference learning:

  • Introduction
  • Download and use
  • Other functions
  • Term Description



While browsing the performance testing tools on the mobile terminal, I saw PerfDog launched by Tencent, so I started a wave of learning

One: Introduction

  • Mobile full platform-support Android/iOS mobile platform. Provide Windows&Mac version of PerDog software.
  • No ROOT/Jailbreak-Anroid devices don't need ROOT, and iOS devices don't need jailbreak.
  • Data accuracy-the tool itself has an impact on the CPU performance of the test equipment <1%, and the frame rate has no impact. Ensure the accuracy and authenticity of performance data.
  • Data integrity-can provide performance parameters such as screenshots, FPS, Jank, FTime, CPU, GPU, Memery, Battery, NetWork, CTemp, etc., all of which can be easily obtained.
  • Application versatility-support all APP applications, games, small programs, small games, H5, Web, background system processes, etc.
  • Cloud Kanban-A cloud-based Kanban that can be stored, visualized, edited, managed, and downloaded anytime, anywhere. Use any version of PerfDog to collect all test data.
  • Teamwork-you can create tasks at any time, invite team members to join, support sharing and view team completion, and open an efficient collaboration mode.
  • Support multiple openings-PerfDog can be opened on the PC, and a single PC can test multiple mobile phones at the same time


Two: Download and use the
official website:

Cloud platform:

Help document:


If you encounter problems during use, please refer to:

Special model guide:

Go to the official website to register and log in

Download software

Unzip and double-click to run ( Mac platform : run dmg desktop application directly)

The interface is pretty

Help document description (there are two test modes):




I chose the simulator device to test Douyin

The problem I encountered: I turned off the emulator, connected to the real machine, but not connected, I went to the process to kill the godson adb, re-adb devices will have the certificate confirmation (in the phone)

The tested application can see the floating window information


(Mobile phone)

perfdog starts to monitor the data in the game in real time, (you can add monitoring options in the plus sign in the lower right corner, select screenshot)

Click the blue play button at the top right to start the test, and the software will automatically collect data

Battery value can only be tested under WIFI


After the test, you can upload to the cloud platform or save the data locally (click the button in the upper right corner)

My local storage: E:\cs\perfdog\PerfDog(v4.0.200602-Win)\data\\2020_06_26

(Check the second one, I didn’t check it and I didn’t see the file generated under the local folder)

Below the cloud platform

For test data in the cloud, there are three modes to choose from:

  • Public mode: Everyone can directly view the test report through the link
  • Privacy mode: A password is required to access the test report, which is convenient for teams that pay attention to data privacy.
  • Team sharing mode: first create a test task in the background (product or version iteration as the latitude), and then add all the project team members to the task. Anyone in the project team can directly test after the test is completed The data is shared to the specified task (equivalent to sharing to the project team), so that everyone in the project team can see the test report.



Three: other functions

(1) Select a certain range to view the average value

You can also right-click and save as a file for analysis


(2) Scene Label

Label the performance data through the label button, and double-click the color area with the left mouse button to modify the label name of the corresponding area




Four: Terminology description

PrefDog term description ( PerfDog instruction manual has more detailed description )



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