The most popular performance testing tool in 2020

01. Popular performance testing tools in the industry

1. Introduction to mainstream tools

Apache AB

Apache JMeter




 Ali PTS

2. Tool demo

Apache AB = Apache HTTP server benchmarking tool

The tool

Only suitable for small scenes

02.LoadRunner tool introduction

LoadRunner is the original Mercury product, Mercury was acquired by HP in 2006

LoadRunner (hereinafter referred to as LR) is a high-scale adaptive automatic load testing tool that can test system behavior and optimize performance

LR emphasizes that it is testing for an enterprise application architecture. It helps customers identify and find problems faster by simulating actual user operation behaviors and implementing real-time performance monitoring. LR can support a wide range of protocol technologies and provide special solutions for customers' special environments

03. Introduction to Apache JMeter Tool

04.Grinder tool introduction

Grinder is an application used to run test scripts written in iython (python running on jvm) on multiple machines. His internal engine is based on Grinder. nGrinder uses controller and agent to package Grinder's console and agent, and expands the feature to support multiple concurrent tests.

05.Locust tool introduction


06.PTS introduction

Performance Testing Service (PTS) is a cloud-based performance testing tool for people with technical backgrounds, incubated from Ali's internal platform. Different from the complexity of traditional tools, PTS uses Internet-based interaction and is designed for distributed and cloud-based design, which is more suitable for the current mainstream technology architecture. Whether it is self-developed or adapted to open source functions, PTS can easily simulate the scenario of a large number of users accessing the business, and tasks can be initiated at any time, eliminating the cost of construction and maintenance. It also closely integrates monitoring products to provide one-stop monitoring, positioning and other added value, and efficiently inspect and manage business performance.

07. How should I choose a pressure measurement tool?

Stress test scenario:

       Single interface/complex transaction => JMeter scene structure

Pressure demand:

       <1000 QPS or above 10,000 level => JMeter distributed support

Is it periodic:

       JMeter Jmx scene file, data-driven, results in the library

Secondary development requirements:

       JMeter open source plug-in ideas, supports Thrift, Dubbo and other protocols. Can be quickly platformed

Problem support:

       JMeter development community, widely used

In most cases, JMeter can meet the needs of use



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