Performance testing tool management principles

Performance testing tools are divided into: server-side and front-end performance testing tools Fortunately, you can test tools into two categories. Server performance testing tool for major support and generate pressure load, record and generate the script, set and deployment scenarios, resulting in concurrent users and applying steady pressure to the system; and front-end system performance test tools is not concerned about the pressure and load, only we need to care about browsers and other client tools to the specific needs of the page to show the process

4.1 server performance testing tool

Server Performance tests typically include the following components:

Virtual User Script Generator (Virtual User Generator)

Pressure generator (Player)

User Agent (Agent)

Pressure scheduling and monitoring system (Conductor)

The results of the pressure analysis tool (Analysis)


Principle 4.2 front-end performance testing tool

The client spent time for loading and show that front-end response time, and client performance is often called front-end performance.

4.3 protocol service performance test scripts used

Select the protocol performance test scripts is the most simple principle: the uppermost layer of the protocol when selecting the client and server communication used. For example: between a Web client and server applications typically using HTTP / HTTPS protocol for communication, but the HTTP / HTTPS protocol is based on an application layer protocol over TCP protocol, so LoadRunner tool, or using Socket HTTP / HTTPS protocol the application layer protocol, so LoadRunner tool, or using Socket HTTP / HTTPS protocol can obtain a recorded script. Another example is the use of TCP or UDP protocol is a custom C / S communication applications (such as Tencent QQ), will be able to record on a TCP or UDP protocol layer and the like to give way communication protocol between the client and server and protocol requirements conforming manner to generate encoding and decoding and parsing a communication packet.

When selecting performance test script recording agreement with the contents of points must be noted:

(1) using a socket protocol can be recorded for any application communication, but this is likely to record the resulting script does not make sense.

(2) after the application of communication generated by recording the script, the script playback, playback sometimes the situation can not continue there will be (stay can not continue in one step), then you should consider whether to use the appropriate protocol, it is may be due to protocol selection is incorrect or incomplete, resulting in some communication there is no recording success.

Selection and Evaluation of Performance Testing Tool 4.4

Choose the kind of tools usually have three levels of meaning: first, create or buy? Second, if and to buy, how to choose? Third, if you create them yourself, how to create?

4.4.1 Creating and purchase options

Consider the situation:

1. If only one is needed for this project test tool or a test system using a special protocol, consider creating a self-test tool needs;

2. If you need to accept the commission as a third party performance testing, selection is made widely accepted business tool commissioning party may make more information;

3. If you need to establish immediately available organizational performance testing environment with the fastest speed, select business tools should be a more appropriate solution

4. If you want to establish a long-term development, and can adapt to changes in product and organizational performance test system, the open source tools to create tools for system-based organization may be the best way.

4.4.2 assessment testing tools and selection process

Evaluation steps:

1. List the features list of tools needed

You may need to consider the function of the following aspects:

(1) tools support the platform running the system under test (hardware and software environment, the database environment) do?

(2) tools can support the protocol used by the system under test it?

(3) tools support the special requirements (such as firewalls, load balancing, dynamic page generation, etc.) do?

(4) tools provide monitoring of server, database or application service type counter it?

(5) tool used scripting language perfect function do?

For open source performance testing tools, in addition to having to consider its function, but also need to be considered in terms of maintainability and community support tools, etc., as follows.

(1) Is there a tool to maintain a relatively fixed member? Active projects it? Whether the tool community provides sufficient support?

(2) what is the tool used programming language? This organization has the right resources to tools for maintenance and support?

(3) whether the tool has good structure and scalability, in order to facilitate the secondary development, add features, or to integrate them into the organization's automated system

(4) tool which is used in open-source license (License)? Whether this will open source license agreement and the use of secondary development risks and legal problems?

2. Compare Tool

Compare the contents of the tool include the following:

Comparison of (1) function.

(2) The tool can get more support.

(3) reputable suppliers.

Maintenance costs (4) tools.

Functional performance testing tools to evaluate:



3. Cost Analysis


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