Mobile terminal font settings

Font settings

body {
    font-family: -apple-system, BlinkMacSystemFont, "PingFang SC","Helvetica Neue",STHeiti,"Microsoft Yahei",Tahoma,Simsun,sans-serif; }

iOS 4.0+ (iOS 9 following system has been very little) English font Helvetica Neue, the previous version of iOS downgrade Helvetica. Chinese Chinese font set in bold STHeiTi.

iOS 9+ Safari began to support -apple-system parameters, Chrome use BlinkMacSystemFont, compatible iOS / MacOS

微软雅黑Win system to be compatible, after all, win the retina resolution systems Simsunare very ugly, you can use 4K screen windows to see the JD Taobao, you may be able to if I impress

PingFang SC Simplified Ping Fang, if you want to see the need to hit the corresponding Ping Fang font, then write directly PingFang without the quotation marks.

Need to add that there is no Chinese in bold font iOS library (,  but the system will automatically hit the Chinese blackbody STHeiTi compatible system default Chinese font in bold - Jane or blackbody - fan:

Heiti SC Light 黑体-简 细体
Heiti SC Medium 黑体-简 中黑
Heiti TC Light 黑体-繁 细体
Heiti TC Medium 黑体-繁 中黑

Chinese characters and English fonts are selected by default sans-serif font at the native Android.

Prior to version 4.0 English fonts using native Android Droid Sans, Chinese font native Android will hit the Droid Sans Fallback.

4.0+ in English fonts will use the native Android new Roboto font.

Other third-party Android system also unanimously chose the default sans-serif font.

Android system font hit it directly, because you can not predict the issue will go to manufacturers built what font, or what people root to modify the font.

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