After GNOME received an investment of 1 million euros, it actively improved its infrastructure

The GNOME Foundation received an investment of 1 million euros from the "Sovereign Tech Fund" this month to help GNOME modernize the platform, improve tools and accessibility, and support features in the public interest.

Currently, new work around the integration of systemd-homed and other functions is underway. By integrating systemd-homed into GNOME's AccountService, users can create encrypted volumes for their home directories to ensure the security of personal data.

Some highlights from this week’s GNOME development efforts include:

  1. Enable sandbox applications to support folder drag-and-drop functionality through XDG Desktop Portal
  2. Improved GNOME Shell and compositor performance, and integrated Tracy profiler


  3. Improve hardware accelerated screen recording and improve Linux Bluetooth protocol stack
  4. Support for the OpenGL KHR_robustness extension in Mutter is being developed to help GNOME sessions recover from GPU driver crashes
  5. The Fractal Matrix messaging application has been completely rewritten in Fractal 5 and now uses GTK 4, libadwaita and the Matrix Rust SDK.

For more details on these latest GNOME efforts, see GNOME News This Week:

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