Digital hospital information cloud platform source code HIS system complete set of finished product source code

As an HIS system based on cloud computing's B/S architecture, primary medical cloud HIS provides primary medical institutions with a standardized, information-based, and shareable medical information management system, which can effectively share and exchange medical data and solve data duplication. Collect and information isolated islands and other issues, realize the analysis and mining of primary medical data, and provide scientific and reasonable business management services for primary health institutions.

"Cloud deployment" can be realized, which can realize various deployment modes under cloud computing. The system adopts the new drive of the SaaS service model, the function design is fully reasonable, the interface layout is reasonable and beautiful, and each user can have a personalized workbench.

1. System management and basic data: departments, wards, personnel and their positions, authority management, management of various basic data, dictionary items, templates, code tables, etc., various parameters and configurations

2. Electronic medical records: outpatient electronic medical records: automatic supplement of outpatient information, medical record template customization:

Inpatient electronic medical records: inpatient medical records and hospitalization course management; inpatient medical record templates, quick creation of medical records through templates; inpatient nursing record management; inpatient nursing record templates.

3. Outpatient management: outpatient registration, outpatient refund, outpatient fee, outpatient refund, invoice replacement, outpatient daily report

4. Warehouse management: including medicines, sanitary materials, materials, and equipment; initial inventory, purchase entry/exit, entry/exit, inventory, loss report, price adjustment, balance, etc.; price marking, prescription issuance/return.

5. Hospitalization management: hospitalization transfer, prepayment, billing, refund, discharge checkout, cancellation checkout, automatic billing, hospitalization daily, etc.

6. Doctor workstation: patient information, electronic doctor's order, inspection and inspection management, electronic medical record, medical record home page, consultation management

7. Nurse workstation: execution of medical orders, nursing records, temperature sheets, skin test management, printing information of various documents and cards, electronic medical orders, inspection and examination management, electronic medical records, medical record home page, and consultation management.

8. Case quality control: doctor personal quality control, medical record control, defect monitoring, quality control settings, medical record query, statistical analysis

9. Statistical reports: outpatient revenue summary, hospitalization revenue summary, charge statistics report, charge detail report, payment daily report, outpatient charge summary, inpatient department log, hospitalization settlement summary, medical item statistics, inspection item statistics, inspection item statistics, month-end Income and expenditure summary, drug purchase, sale and inventory statistics

10. Medical insurance settlement: Provide convenient medical insurance reimbursement service capabilities, which can realize real-time reimbursement for residents after seeking medical treatment in primary medical care.

Technical framework:

1. Front-end: Angular+Nginx

2. Backend: Java+Spring, SpringBoot, SpringMVC, SpringSecurity, MyBatisPlus, etc.

3. Database: MySQL + MyCat

4. Cache: Redis+J2Cache

5. Message queue: RabbitMQ

6. Task scheduling center: XxlJob

7. Interface technology: RESTful API + WebSocket + WebService

8. Report component: itext + POI + ureport2

9. Database monitoring component: Canal

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