Java hospital information construction cloud HIS system source code

Cloud HIS provides a standardized, informatized, and shareable medical information management system, realizing the functions of standard medical management information systems such as medical-patient affairs management and clinical diagnosis and treatment management. Optimize the medical treatment and management process, improve patient satisfaction and first-diagnosis rate at the grassroots level, and improve the service capabilities of grassroots doctors through information sharing, auxiliary diagnosis and treatment and other means to build a harmonious doctor-patient relationship at the grassroots level.

Cloud HIS (Cloud-BasedHealthcareInformationSystem)The solution reconstructs the management service process and the patient service environment by rebuilding a unified information architecture system , reshape the operation and maintenance service methods, and promote the construction of information infrastructure of primary medical institutions.

Program features and value

1. Application model of SaaS software services

Cloud HIS can easily handle various hospital forms such as administrative regional medical care, medical consortiums, private medical groups, Internet doctor groups, and independent hospitals. Supporting multi-tenancy, one set can be deployed in an administrative region or medical group, and the affiliated hospital can use it immediately after opening an account. The client requires no installation and can be used with a browser, achieving the smooth operation of C/S system architecture.

2. Integrated design concept

The business system covers all aspects of medical treatment, sanitation, and health management, and realizes the perfect unification of medical institution information systems and regional collaboration platforms, full sharing of information within the region, efficient business collaboration among medical and health institutions, orderly development of hierarchical diagnosis and treatment, and rational utilization of medical and health resources. Public health management is scientifically standardized.

3. Intensive data center deployment

It provides an infrastructure construction solution with a complete cloud computing model, allowing one center to be used by multiple institutions. It also perfectly supports the public cloud rental model, greatly reducing construction and operation and maintenance costs and improving construction efficiency. The affiliated medical institution has no machine room and is maintenance-free.

4. Closed-loop business processing

Closed-loop medical orders are implemented in both outpatient and inpatient services. Medical orders are used as instructions to form a closed loop of medical care, management, and services. The patient's entire medical treatment process is controlled, quality is effectively controlled, and efficiency and effectiveness are improved.

5. Unified authorization system

The design concept of the portal has been established. Through unified authorization and single sign-on, all the user's information affairs are displayed on one platform, breaking through time and space constraints and making it convenient for doctors to practice at multiple points.

6. Intelligent operation and maintenance services

Provide an infrastructure operation and maintenance platform for data centers and a business system operation and maintenance platform for end users, and conduct inspections, monitoring and alarms on the system operating status, so that it can be seen, monitored, analyzed clearly and reported quickly. Ensure that the system operates stably and efficiently.

7. Business structure

The main function of cloud HIS is to provide four-oriented services, namely health services for residents, medical information services for medical institutions, health management services for management agencies at all levels, and health collaborative services for other health institutions, specifically provided by outpatient clinics. It is composed of 8 functional modules: management, hospitalization management, medical technology and surgery, health collaboration, health resources, health decision-making, public health and system management.

The cloud HIS system adopts the SaaS software application service model, which can use source code for secondary development and provide a multi-tenant mechanism for software application services to achieve deployment in one center and use by multiple institutions. Compared with the traditional HIS single-institution application model, it can flexibly cope with application scenarios such as regional medical treatment, medical groups, medical consortiums, chain clinics, and individual hospitals, and improves the standardization and standardization of applications in the region, significantly reducing software implementation and operation and maintenance costs. and implementation cycle. The overall architecture design of the system is constructed in compliance with the hospital information platform standards based on electronic medical records.

8. Introduction to system functions

1. Standard data maintenance

.User information: Maintain the basic information of the user, the specific permissions of the department and each system.

.Department information: Maintain hospital department information.

.Data dictionary: maintenance of standard dictionary information.

.Drug/diagnosis and treatment catalog maintenance: Maintain basic information of drugs and diagnosis and treatment catalog.

2. Charging (outpatient/inpatient) system

.Outpatient registration: There is a fee for outpatient registration.

.Outpatient charges: outpatient charge settlement.

.Hospitalization registration, charging and settlement: inpatient registration, accounting and issuance of settlement invoices.

.Cashier's daily settlement: The cashier performs daily settlement of charges.

.Financial statements: Provide relevant financial statistical functions.

.Related medical insurance and rural cooperative medical care interface: Provides business processing functions related to medical insurance and rural cooperative medical care.

3. Pharmacy management system

.Drug storage and shipment management: Drug storage and shipment management.

.Dispensing and withdrawing prescriptions: Dispensing prescriptions for accounting and refunding prescriptions that have been issued.

.Doctor's order issuance/withdrawal of medicines: Issuance of medicines issued by doctors' orders generated in the ward, and withdrawal of medicines ordered by doctors.

.Inventory management: Manage drug inventory.

.Drug inventory: Carry out drug inventory management.

.Comprehensive statistical query of drugs

4. Doctor workstation system

.Outpatient/inpatient prescription entry: Doctors enter outpatient or inpatient prescriptions.

.Comprehensive statistical query on prescriptions: Statistics of prescriptions entered by doctors.

5. Nurse workstation system

.Doctor's order entry: The nurse enters the patient's medical order and generates related medicines and medical expenses.

.Auxiliary charges: collection of diagnosis and treatment fees.

.Transmission of long-term medical orders: Generate medicines and medical expenses based on the patient’s long-term medical orders.

.Doctor's order and medication issuance: According to the patient's medication needs, the generated drug classification is generated to generate a doctor's order and medication order for the pharmacy to issue medication.

.Bed management: manage the beds in the ward.

6. Electronic medical record system

.Outpatient electronic medical record: The outpatient electronic medical record automatically supplements outpatient information, and the medical record template can be customized;

.Inpatient electronic medical records: hospitalization medical records and hospitalization course management; hospitalization medical records can be saved as templates, and medical records can be quickly created through templates; hospitalization nursing record management; hospitalization nursing records can be saved as templates, and nursing records can be quickly created through templates.

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