Java hospital information HIS management system source code

There are two types of HIS templates: medical record templates and report templates. Template management is the core component of operation management, and it is the place where medical institutions in the grassroots health cloud customize electronic medical records and reports. Each medical institution can customize electronic medical records and reports according to its own characteristics. The electronic medical records and reports produced can be directly in used in business systems. The making method of the medical record template and the report template are the same, and the editing interface and operation are also the same.


1. Medical record templates and report templates include:

1. Advance payment management

2. Long-term medical order

3. Temporary doctor's order

4. Bill statistics table

5. Ticket usage table

6. Detailed list of outpatient charges

7. Statistical list of outpatient charges

8. Business statistics - classification and summary

9. Payment slip for outpatient fees

10. Outpatient bills

11. Detailed list of outpatient compensation settlement

12. Outpatient prescription list

13. Outpatient prescription execution form

14. Admission application form

15. Nurse's station bottle tag

16. Registered receipts 17. Outpatient electronic medical records 18. Inpatient list export excel 19. Basic drug information excel 20. Fee flow meter excel

21. Bill statistical table pdf 22. Drug inventory inventory 23. Application form for inspection and inspection items 24. Home page of medical records 25. Application form for hospital inspection and inspection

26. Inbound document printing 27. Outbound document printing 28. Inpatient fee bill 29. Outpatient fee payment form 30. Hospitalization advance payment payment form

31. One-day list of hospitalization expenses 32. Statistical list of hospitalization expenses 33. Summary of outpatient income 34. Summary of hospitalization income 35. Application form for outpatient examination

36. Inpatient examination application form 37. Inpatient psychological CT application form 38. Outpatient psychological CT application form 39. Outpatient settlement summary form 40. Hospitalization settlement summary form

41. Outpatient meal expenses 42. Biochemical application form 43. Outpatient collection daily summary 44. Inpatient laboratory test application form 45. Outpatient fee summary table 46. Ward inpatient statistics

47. Inpatient settlement summary table 48. Transfer document printing 49. Drug store monthly income and expenditure summary table printing 50. Inpatient income summary table 51. Current inventory details (display batch)

52. Treatment application form 53. Hospitalization application form 54. Provincial medical insurance settlement statement 56. Provincial medical insurance hospitalization settlement statement


2. The HIS system is a health cloud product that meets various businesses of primary hospitals and institutions.

The system can help grass-roots hospitals to complete various daily businesses, providing a series of routine functions such as patient appointment registration, patient consultation, electronic medical records, drug prescribing, member management, statistical query, doctor station and nurse station, etc. It can be integrated with various external systems such as public health and PACS to realize integrated management among multi-level organizations.

3. The system is provided in the form of cloud SaaS service, and users can access it through a browser.

The system is provided in the form of cloud SaaS service. Users can access it through a browser without paying attention to issues such as system deployment, maintenance, and upgrades. The system fully considers design methods such as templating, configuration, intelligence, and expansion, covering The main work processes of primary medical institutions can be connected with the supervision system in an orderly manner, and can meet the needs of future system expansion.
Cloud HIS is divided into two major systems, one is the grassroots health cloud comprehensive management system, and the other is the grassroots health cloud business system. The grassroots health cloud integrated management system is used by operators, developers and regulatory agencies for operation management, operation and maintenance management and comprehensive supervision. The grassroots health cloud business system is used by grassroots medical institutions to support various business operations of medical institutions.


4. System use environment

The basic health cloud adopts B/S (Browser/Server) architecture, and users can access and use it by entering the server address or domain name through the browser.
1. User host requirements: According to the operation needs, it is recommended to configure the minimum configuration CPU dual-core 3.0GHZ, memory 4G, display 19 inches, win7 system user host.
2. Browser requirements: IE11, Edge, Chrome, 360 browser speed mode, Sogou browser speed mode, QQ browser speed mode.
3. Screen resolution: It is recommended to set it to 1920*1080.


5. Integrated management system of HIS management module

The comprehensive management system provides three modules of operation and maintenance management, comprehensive supervision and operation management, corresponding to developers, regulatory agencies and operators with management authority. Organizations, users and roles using the primary health cloud can be flexibly configured.

【Operation Management】

Operation management is the core part of the comprehensive management system, used by operators and medical institution managers. Operation management includes: institution management, drug catalog management, user management, role management, dictionary management, template management, parameter setting, message management, after-sales 11 sub-modules of service, operation configuration, and external system to realize organization, user, role management, drug catalog management, and general dictionary management; medical record templates and report templates can be customized for each medical institution according to business needs; medical institutions can charge external devices Set parameters and configure services; manage news and after-sales information, etc.



【Operation and maintenance management】

Operation and maintenance management is mainly managed and used by developers, including: environment management, deployment management, application management, menu management, interface management, task management and configuration management.
Operation and maintenance management is mainly for developers to manage background servers that provide different services, and to uniformly manage program interfaces, application deployment, and menu configuration.

【Comprehensive Supervision】

Comprehensive supervision is used by the regulator to view the statistical information of all medical institutions using the primary health cloud. Click the [Comprehensive Supervision] icon at the top of the interface to enter the comprehensive supervision interface.
On the left side of the interface, the medical institutions and levels that use the primary health cloud are listed in the form of a directory tree. Click the name of the medical institution or the check box in front of the name of the medical institution. When the "√" symbol appears in the check box, it means that the medical institution is selected , the medical institution statistics will be added on the right.


6. Technical details:

Frontend: Angular+Nginx

Background: Java+Spring, SpringBoot, SpringMVC, SpringSecurity, MyBatisPlus, etc.

Cache: Redis+J2Cache

Message queue: RabbitMQ

Task scheduling center: XxlJob

Interface technology: RESTful API + WebSocket + WebService

Report component: itext + POI + ureport2

Database monitoring component: Canal


Seven, product composition:

1. Outpatient department

Registration and appointment, pricing and charging, outpatient prescription and medical records...

2. Inpatient part

Admission and discharge registration, hospitalization charges, hospitalization list, discharge settlement, resident doctor workstation, resident nurse workstation...


3. Electronic medical records

Doctor's order management, nursing order management, electronic medical records, nursing medical records, medical record quality control...

4. Drug management

Outpatient dispensing, inpatient dispensing, drug withdrawal, drug storage, drug allocation, inventory, control, split...

5. Statistical report

Summary of outpatient income, summary of hospitalization income, daily payment, summary of hospitalization settlement, summary of inspection items, statistics of drug purchase, sale and inventory...

6. Comprehensive maintenance

System settings, dictionary maintenance, comprehensive query, parameter settings...

7. Operation and maintenance

System operation and maintenance, comprehensive supervision, system operation

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