Based on springboot hospital information management system [graduation project, thesis, source code]


With the rapid development of information technology and network technology, human beings have entered a new era of information, and traditional management techniques have been unable to manage information efficiently and conveniently. In order to meet the needs of the times and optimize management efficiency, various management systems have emerged as the times require, and all walks of life have entered the information management era one after another. The hospital information management system is one of the products of the transformation of the information age.

Any system must follow the basic process of system design, and this system is no exception. It also needs to go through market research, demand analysis, general design, detailed design, coding, and testing. The hospital information management system is designed and implemented based on java language. The system is based on B/S, the so-called browser/server model, using java technology, and choosing MySQL as the background database. The system mainly includes home page, personal center, user management, doctor management, department management, doctor information management, registration information management, cancellation of registration management, inquiry record management, ward management, pharmacy management, administrator management and other functional modules.

This article first introduces the technical development background and development status of hospital information management, and then follows the conventional software development process . Draw the functional module diagram, flow chart and ER diagram of the system. Then, design the framework and write codes according to the designed framework to realize each functional module of the system. Finally, test the preliminarily completed system, mainly function test, unit test and performance test. The test results show that the system can realize the required functions, and the operating condition is not obvious .

Key words: hospital information management; java; MySQL database


1 Introduction

1.1 Subject background

With the development of science and technology, computers have become an indispensable tool for people's daily life and office work. In this context, network technology has been applied to various aspects. In order to improve the efficiency of office life, network information technology has developed rapidly. In this context, human society has entered a new era of information technology. Hospital information management has always been a major problem in information management. There are a large number of hospital information management personnel and a large amount of information. At this time, it is imperative to find an effective and convenient hospital information management method. The increasingly mature computer information management technology has become the only choice to solve this problem. Nowadays, computer information management technology has been able to handle hospital information management information with ease. In fact, information management technology has penetrated into the information control management of various industries and plays a pivotal role. With the continuous progress of modern socialism, the living standards of ordinary people have been greatly improved, and many aspects are realized on the Internet, so the Internet has become the most direct, convenient and fast access.

Using the hospital information management system has many advantages over the traditional hospital information management methods: firstly, it can greatly improve the retrieval of hospital information management information, and the desired results can be fed back within seconds only by inputting relevant information of hospital information management; secondly, it can store a large amount of hospital information management information, At the same time, the security of hospital information management information has a higher guarantee; compared with paper documents to manage hospital information management information, the hospital information management system saves space and human resources. These advantages greatly increase efficiency and save costs. Therefore, it is necessary to develop a hospital information management system to effectively manage hospital information management information, which not only improves the efficiency of hospital information management, but also increases the security of user information, facilitates the timely feedback of information from hospital information management to administrators, and increases the relationship between users and administrators. The interactive communication among them can improve the experience intensity of hospital information management.

This system intends to use MySQL to design the database for the flexibility of the database structure, while java technology and B/S architecture guarantee high platform adaptability. This article mainly introduces the development background of the system, the functions to be completed and the development process, and mainly explains the key points and design ideas of the system design.

1.2 Current status of subject research

Nowadays, more and more people are willing to choose a suitable management plan, but ordinary users are often limited by management experience. At this time, various types of hospital information management rise, a large number of hospital information management systems enter people's lives, and hospital information management is undoubtedly It is the best system for hospital credit management. Under the background of such a successful management model, not only the number of hospital credit managers is increasing, but also the hospital credit management information is also increasing. However, with the increase of hospital information management information, the management of hospital information management has become a difficult problem. Efficient and convenient management of hospital information management has become an urgent task to change the management model and be compatible with the times.

The hospital information management system provides a convenient method for users to view hospital information management information anytime and anywhere. More importantly, it greatly simplifies the way for administrators to manage hospital information management information. Choose convenient and reliable channels. Compared with traditional information management methods, such electronic information management is more concise and convenient, and it also has unique advantages in hospital information management maintenance information feedback and handling of hospital information management opinions.

2 System development environment

2.1 Java Technology

Java is a cross-platform object-oriented programming language launched by Sun. Because Java technology has the characteristics of excellent versatility, high efficiency, robust security and platform portability, and Java is open source and has the world's largest developer professional community, so Java develops rapidly.

2.2 Spring Boot framework

SpringBoot is a new open source lightweight framework. Based on the Spring 4.0 design, it not only inherits the original excellent features of the Spring framework, but also further simplifies the entire construction and development process of Spring applications by simplifying configuration files. In addition, in the original Spring, as the number of imported jar packages increased with the expansion of the project, compatibility issues between jar package versions appeared. At this time, SpringBoot made the dependent package versions Conflicts, and reference instability issues are well resolved.

SpringBoot can be regarded as an enhanced version of Spring, but it is essentially Spring-related technologies. With these excellent open source frameworks, programmers will get twice the result with half the effort in the development process.

2.3 B/S mode

The B/S structure is currently the most used structural mode, which can make the development of the system easier, easier to operate, and can also be maintained. When using this structure, you only need to install the database in the computer and some very common browsers. The browser will connect information with the database, which can realize many functions. The B/S structure can be used directly, and the B/S structure greatly reduces the maintenance of work during use. Based on B/S software, all databases are independent of each other, so it is very safe. Because based on the B/S structure, you can clearly see the business being processed by the system, and you can let the managers make decisions in a timely manner, so that you can avoid the loss of the enterprise. The basic feature of the B/S structure is the centralized management mode. After the user uses the system to generate data, the data can be stored in the system database for future use, so that all people's needs can be met.




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