Volunteer recruitment | WasmEdge invites you to participate in the 7th China Open Source Annual Conference COSCon 2022

The annual open source conference is coming! The 7th China Open Source Conference (COSCon'22) will kick off on October 29, 2022. Due to well-known reasons, the Open Source Annual Conference still chooses to be held online, and at the same time set up branch venues in Beijing, Shanghai, Shanghai, Zhengzhou and other cities. There are constant dry speeches online, and you can choose from exciting offline activities.

As a community partner of this Open Source Annual Conference, WasmEdge will deliver 2 technical speeches at the Open Source Annual Conference, and actively participate in offline activities at the Beijing branch venue: Open Source Bazaar, focusing on "Open the World / Open the New World" as the Open Source Year Will add bricks and tiles! ​​​​​​

Beijing Offline Branch Venue: Open Source Bazaar

At the open source bazaar event on September 3, WasmEdge showed how to run a Hyper-based async app on WasmEdge, create a GitHub workflow, and how to integrate WasmEdge into the Shifu framework as a lightweight runtime for processing data .

At this year's CosCon Beijing offline branch, WasmEdge will gather together with 22 other open source projects at the open source market to answer questions about open source, programming, and career development for those interested in open source, and take them to learn more about each project. open source project. Don't miss the chance to meet the project maintainers face-to-face.

WasmEdge will set up three tasks in the open source market, welcome open source enthusiasts and developers to come and interact! Every time you complete a task, you can get a prize. Completing three missions at the same time will give you extra prizes.

[Volunteer recruitment] If you want to deeply participate in the open source market, change your identity, and communicate with developers as an open source project party, welcome to become a volunteer at the WasmEdge booth.

  • Benefits: A WasmEdge gift package, communicate with developers, and enrich social networks
  • Job content: From 2-5 pm on the 29th, assist WasmEdge to provide guidance for developers participating in the task
  • Registration method: Reply [ volunteer] + contact information on the Second State official account , and we will contact you within 24 hours.

Two Technology Sharing Sessions

Open source commercialization is a problem that most companies face with open source projects. The source code is open, how do open source projects make money? What is the first thing to do when open source software goes overseas? When do you need to hire your first salesperson? Looking back at history, how did Red Hat Software, a model of open source commercialization, succeed? Looking forward to the future, where should the battle between cloud vendors and open source projects go?

On the afternoon of October 29th, 15:30-16:10
Dr. Michael Yuan, founder of Second State,
open source commercialization sub-forum
"PLG's OG is open source software"
In this speech, Michael will explain PLG, a very popular model in SaaS What is the relationship with open source, and the various issues mentioned above.

Michael Yuan has extensive experience in developing and commercializing open source software, was an early employee at JBoss, and was a product manager at Red Hat. Experienced the whole process of financing, business model verification, acquisition and exit of OG open source software company in Silicon Valley. Since then, he has been active in the front line of basic software development, sales, and investment, and has published 5 monographs on software engineering in the United States, which have been translated into multiple languages.

Free registration: 2022 The 7th China Open Source Annual Conference (COSCon 2022) - Baige Event

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When it comes to open source, GitHub must be inseparable. Maintainers and community operators of open source projects spend a lot of time on GitHub every day. How to improve GitHub workflow and make work more efficient is a question that every open source person should think about.

On the afternoon of October 30th, 16:00-16:30 Vivian Hu,
Product Manager of Second State, open source treasure chest sub-forum

Improving GitHub Workflows with Serverless Functions
In this talk, Vivian introduces a new way to customize your GitHub notification experience and other GitHub workflows using serverless functions.

Free registration: 2022 The 7th China Open Source Annual Conference (COSCon 2022) - Baige event

October 29-30, see you there!

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