Java version enterprise bidding procurement management system source code + support two open + spring cloud

        1. Project approval management
1. Bidding and project approval application
Function point: the entrance for project approval of bidding projects, and users can save it as a draft and submit it.
2. Non-tendering project application
Function point: Non-tendering project application portal, users can save it as a draft and submit it.
3. Purchasing project approval list
Function points: edit the draft, edit rejected projects, and view the process in transit.

2. Project management
1. Procurement plan management
Function points: add, edit, delete purchase plan
2. Procurement process management
function points: query, maintain benchmark price, set up review team, project Q&A and clarification, document fee deposit review, supplier quotation Maintain and view review details.
3. Extraction of bidding agencies
Function points: extraction of bidding agencies
4. Extraction of cost agencies
Function points: extraction of cost agencies
5. Offline project management
Function points: add, import, delete, edit.

3. Purchasing announcement management
1. Project announcement query
Function points: creation of bidding announcements, creation of non-tender announcements, viewing, editing, submitting for review, deactivation.

4. Review management
1. Project review
Function points: query, reviewers submit ratings.

V. Assessment management
1. Assignment of project assessment
Function points: query, view details, release assessment, and assign the person in charge of assessment.
2. Project assessment query
Function points: query, view details, and assign examiners.
3. Project assessment
Function points: query, view details, submit assessment and score.

6. Supplier Enterprise Center
1. Complaints and Suggestions
Function points: Submit complaints and suggestions
2. Enterprise information
Function points: Modify enterprise information
3. Project management
function points: View announcements, view projects, download tenders, pay document fees, pay deposits, upload tender documents.

7. Bidding agency enterprise center
1. Basic information
Function point: Modify enterprise information
2. Project management
function point: View project details and status
3. Announcement management
function point: Create tender announcements, create, view, and edit non-tender announcements , submit for review, deactivate.

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