KubeSphere Community Biweekly Report | Open Source Summer has started | 2023.04.28-05.11

The KubeSphere community biweekly report mainly organizes and displays the list of new contributors and certificates, new lecturer certificates, and contributors who have submitted commits within two weeks, and analyzes recent important PRs, as well as online/offline A series of community dynamics such as events and evangelistic promotion.

This bi-weekly report covers the period: 2023.04.28-2023.05.11.

list of contributors

New KubeSphere Contributor

There are 2 new KubeSphere Contributors in this two weeks, including users who share their KubeSphere implementation experience in the community. Thank you for your contributions to the KubeSphere community!

Recent Important Updates


1. Improve the cluster certificate expiration status update logic

Related PR: https://github.com/kubesphere/kubesphere/pull/5665

Contributor: iawia002

2. Fix the incorrect parameter naming in the app store interface

Related PR: https://github.com/kubesphere/kubesphere/pull/5666

Contributed by: sologgfun

3. Remove unused parameter configuration

Related PR: https://github.com/kubesphere/kubesphere/pull/5671

Contributed by: wansir

4. Comment content improvement

Related PR: https://github.com/kubesphere/kubesphere/pull/5674

Contributed by: sologgfun

5. Resource API supports dynamic resource creation

Related PR: https://github.com/kubesphere/kubesphere/pull/5601

Contributor: zhou1203


1. Support custom mirror warehouse domain name

Related PR: https://github.com/kubesphere/kubekey/pull/1830

Contributors: pixiake

2. Support custom Docker default bridge

Related PR: https://github.com/kubesphere/kubekey/pull/1831

Contributor: wenwutang1

Community Dynamics

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