Open source winds up, open source China is recruiting talents

Last year was a year of explosion in the domestic open source field

The domestic Open Atomic Open Source Foundation was established

Mulan Becomes OSI Certified Open Source Protocol

Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and other departments cooperate with Gitee to build China's independent open source hosting platform

Open Source Streaming Data Company StreamNative Announces Multi-Million Dollar Pre-Series A Funding

TiDB developer PingCAP completes $270 million in Series D financing

Emqttd developer EMQ completes nearly 150 million B round of financing


Open source is the general trend, everyone understands it

In such a large environment

This year, Open Source China, as an established company in the field, will further exert its capabilities and promote the construction of the local open source ecosystem

Ambitious, talent is scarce, and a recruitment order is now issued

Talent, come to @ me!

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