China's first open source foundation is here!

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From solicitation, participation to in-depth contribution, after 20 years of open source development, China ushered in the first open source software foundation-the OpenAtom Foundation.

The Open Atom Open Source Foundation ( is not only the first in China, but also the only foundation with the theme of open source. According to public information, the foundation is managed by the Ministry of Civil Affairs and Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. The establishment registration date is this year, June 15, 2020.

The Open Atom Open Source Foundation is here!

On September 9, the Open Atom Open Source Foundation officially disclosed its organizational structure, mission, vision and values ​​to the public for the first time. According to the official introduction, the foundation is a global non-profit charity organization dedicated to the open source industry. Its business scope includes fundraising, special funding, publicity, education and training, academic exchanges, international cooperation, open source ecological construction, consulting services and other open source related activities .

At the same time, the Open Atomic Open Source Foundation provides neutral intellectual property custody for various open source projects to ensure that the sustainable development of the project is not affected by third parties, and seek support and help from richer community resources through open governance.

This means that, now and in the future when open source is becoming more and more prosperous, the establishment of the Open Atom Open Source Foundation will provide formal governance for domestic open source, which is undoubtedly an important milestone in the history of open source in China.

At the level of operation and management, the Open Atom Open Source Foundation has established a board of directors, a Technical Oversight Committee ("TOC") and a secretariat.

Among them, the board of directors is responsible for reviewing and revising the articles of association of the foundation; TOC is a neutral technical decision-making body, which mainly provides technical vision and guidance for open source foundations, defines technology-related principles and processes, that is, is responsible for foundation technology-related decisions, and Project incubation review, etc.; the secretariat is the executive body of the foundation, responsible for the daily affairs of the foundation.

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All for developers, all for the world

With the mission of "all for developers, all for the world", the launch of the Open Atom Open Source Foundation broke the deadlock in China's open source process and carried the expectations of countless people.

Looking back on the history of Chinese open source, from the first time Richard Stallman of the Free Software Foundation came to China in 1999 and gave a speech at Tsinghua University, to the emergence of software such as Red Flag Linux and Blue Dot Linux, the domestic open source market started with this as a start and opened up "to overcome all obstacles." "the road.

Since then, in the Internet, cloud computing, big data, mobile Internet, to the baptism of today's intelligent digital age, China Open Source has gradually shown its direction in the ups and downs.

Baidu and Huawei have donated open source projects

A few days ago, Baidu has officially completed the signing of the agreement of donating the super chain kernel project to the Open Atom Open Source Foundation. Baidu Super Chain XuperChain has also become the first project donated to the Open Atom Open Source Foundation.

This means that the Baidu Superchain technology, which is completely independently developed, will rely on international open source organizations in the future, operate in a new organizational form, and be the most representative and internationally influential blockchain open source technology cultivation and operation in the world. In the blockchain market, there is a competition of technological power and ecological power.

On September 10th, Huawei announced at the HDC 2020 conference that it would donate OpenHarmony to the Open Atom Open Source Foundation. OpenHarmony is the official open source HarmonyOS 2.0 project name announced at the conference. It is positioned as an open source distributed operating system for all scenarios.

According to the introduction, OpenHarmony creatively proposed the concept of adapting multiple terminal forms based on the same set of system capabilities on the basis of the traditional single-device system capabilities, and supports operation on multiple terminal devices. The first version supports 128K-128M devices. run. Developers will get emulators, SDK packages and IDE tools. At the end of 2020, the HarmonyOS beta version for smartphones will be released to domestic developers first.

Not only that, the Open Atom Open Source Foundation incubation projects also include Alibaba IoT unified operating system Alios Things, Tencent enterprise-level container orchestration engine TKEStack and other projects.

to sum up

Developers have formed a default habit of sharing code since the beginning of software. With the Internet, it has become even more powerful. The information highway maximizes software development collaboration.

As the first open source foundation in China, the Open Atom Open Source Foundation can be expected to have a driving force that cannot be ignored in the development of open source in China. The foundation’s formal governance and legal framework will enable greater development of domestic open source projects, so that commercial companies can participate with confidence, and make further efforts for the development of open source projects and their communities. Let us look forward to the open atom open source. The changes brought by the foundation.

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