Open source and closed source

Someone creates a thing, and then takes it out for everyone to use.
But there are many details behind this beautiful idea. Here are the main ones:
1. Is it necessary to respect the author's labor results when using this thing?
2. Do I need to pay the author to use this thing?
3. Is the use of this thing restricted (for example, it cannot be used in non-scientific research, commercial channels, etc.)?
4. Who is responsible for the problem with this thing?
5. Can I copy this thing?
6. Can I spread the copied stuff?
7. Can I build new things based on this thing?
8. Can I spread the new things on this basis?
9. If I build a new thing on the basis of this thing, how should 1-8 of this new thing return to
open source: Open Source
is that simple!
Answer: Do what you want to do anytime and try to update it rather than envy and jealous.
Closed Source: Closed Source
Answer: Do what you want to do after you create it yourself

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