Obtain low-cost and new user traffic through face payment

Banks can start from their own predominant park scenarios, which are different from Alipay and WeChat market strategies, and differentiate quickly to occupy the market. The park we usually call includes campuses, scenic spots, office buildings, and various industrial parks and administrative parks. In the early stage, this market was mainly served by traditional banks as acquirers.

After the epidemic, the overall facial payment will start again, and every change will bring a lot of opportunities. Banks can combine their own advantages and use the sharp tool of facial payment to increase the layout from the scene and ecology, take advantage of the trend, and take advantage of the east wind. , Seize the opportunity to catch up. Face-swiping payment, smart medical care, smart campus, smart bank, catering, supermarket, hotel, non-sense parking lot, various scene solutions, software customization development, payment equipment wholesale, please Baidu "Zhangyou Electronic Wei" for details

There are hundreds of thousands of parks of various types and above in the country, covering tens of millions of users, including high-value white-collar workers in their early years, as well as hope for the future, as well as representatives of all levels. Banks can quickly obtain users' faces tied to their own apps by providing various methods such as face-to-pay for dining, face-to-pay consumption, face-to-face payment authentication, etc., to increase the activity of their own App or H5 official account, and to guide more associated value-added Service has extremely important strategic value.

The future of banks lies in technological innovation. Major banks have been actively deploying financial technology and continuously increasing the proportion of R&D investment in revenue. Some have broken through to 5%, and face payment is crucial in the innovation of the overall business environment. important. From the point of view of simple face-swiping devices, face-swiping improves the convenience, which can be ignored by mobile phones, but more importantly, it is realized that face-swiping is a member through face-swiping payment terminal, and the flow of people detection, customer analysis, The analysis of consumer behavior is immeasurable in the future commercial value. In the case of large-scale merchants, banks have no way out. They must win, provide high-quality products and services, and continue to innovate to break the situation.

The online traffic pattern has been determined. Therefore, in recent years, Internet companies have continuously penetrated offline through capital and other means to acquire new customers through lower traffic costs and increase customer activity. If you lose an online bank, you have to fight offline. To a certain extent, opening up banking is a helpless move. How to avoid financial institutions being disintermediated, how to maintain a sense of the market, how to get offline users against the trend, payment by face is the way to break the situation, innovation through face payment Acquiring new users, opening up new accounts with merchant members and banks remotely through facial payment, and obtaining low-cost user traffic through facial payment, leaving a lot of room for product improvement and business model innovation.

Innovation has never been smooth sailing, and face payment will not replace QR code payment, but the value of face payment at the head and waist merchants will reach a new height with the development and promotion of products and technologies. The payment itself is less profitable, or even not, but like a highway, on this track, the banks are given the opportunity to regain their own track and overtake.

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