How to solve the problem of "Intel VT-x is disabled" when installing ubuntu system using vmware

Android system development requires Linux development environment. The ubuntu system is currently widely used.

What is ubuntu? This is a screenshot of the official website.


For developers who mainly use windows system, it is a bit reluctant to install the system as ubuntu. Therefore, many development board manufacturers and software developers recommend using a virtual machine to install the ubuntu system. The advantage of this is that we only open it when using ubuntu, and our computer can still be restored to the windows system after it is used up.

In fact, if the virtual machine is turned on, you can switch between windows and ubuntu flexibly. For example, if you need to take a screenshot of some content, you can directly take a screenshot of the virtual machine and place it in the windows folder.


Developers who use a virtual machine to install ubuntu for the first time will mostly encounter a hardware virtualization problem. As shown below.

The error message is "This host supports Intel VT-x, but Intel VT-x is disabled". . . . . . You need to enable Intel VT-x in queryBIOS firmware settings. . . . . The virtual machine could not be started. . . .

Let me talk about the solution first: Take the HP laptop as an example. After turning on the BIOS, the method is to keep pressing the ESC key. The method may be different for different brands of laptops.

My computer virtualization is indeed not turned on. Just change "disable" to "enable".

If you continue the installation procedure again, you will be prompted that this virtual machine may have been moved or copied. In order to configure specific management and network functions, VMware Workstation needs to know whether this virtual machine has been moved or copied. If you don't know, please answer "I have copied this virtual machine".

Select I have copied the virtual machine here. Because I don't know if it has moved, and what does it mean to move.

Successful boot interface



Note that installing ubuntu, in theory, the computer configuration does not need to be that high, but my experience is still in accordance with the configuration recommended by the official website, and the CPU and memory performance is better. After all, it is running on a virtual machine, a computer, running windows and linux at the same time, it's not so tired.


Finally, talk about what Intel VT-x technology is.

VT-x is an instruction set in Intel's use of Virtualization technology. It is a hardware virtualization technology for CPU. VT can improve virtualization efficiency and virtual machine security at the same time. VT technology on x86 platform is generally called VT-x, and the VT technology on the Itanium platform, is called VT-i.

VT-x helps increase the flexibility and stability of software-based virtualization solutions. By eliminating the need for virtual machine monitor (VMM) to listen, interrupt, and execute specific instructions on behalf of the guest operating system in accordance with the requirements of pure software virtualization, it not only effectively reduces VMM intervention, but also serves as a transmission platform between VMM and guest operating systems The control provides powerful hardware support, so that when VMM intervention is required, a faster, more reliable and safe switching will be realized.

In addition, the virtual machine migration feature of Intel VT-x can also provide strong protection for your IT investment and further improve the flexibility of failover, load balancing, disaster recovery and maintenance.


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