Some open source research on threat intelligence

1.*** Profile analysis
2. Threat open source platform based on public information collection
Ti_Collector is Threat Intelligence Collector, mainly focusing on online public Reputation threat intelligence and event threat intelligence.
Reputation type threat intelligence mainly comes from the sharing of some security communities; incident type threat intelligence mainly comes from the consultation and sharing of security companies.
These threat intelligence data are automatically stored in the database after classification and processing by crawling means to build their own threat intelligence database.
At the same time, we provide a program to capture and query whether there are threats in the local DNS records.
3. Threat intelligence analysis platform and technical articles refer to
4. Threat intelligence, malicious sample analysis, automated python scripts, open source Malware code collection, APT*** security cases related

Threat -intelligence focuses on collecting websites that release threat intelligence. In the process, you can also learn about the things that security companies do, product lines, services, etc., which will help you fully understand the overview of the industry.

Comprehensive consultation ***Look, more for some relatively fresh security consultation collected APT from 2008 to the most recent In the event, someone maintains, a website maintained by a group of people who want to become researchers and journalists, and collects several network security-related consultations every month. focuses on information security A foreign company consulted with a comprehensive subject classification is a blog maintained by an open network security community, including security salons, training, and technology sharing category/research/ Canadian Citizen Lab, more interested in digital espionage The global leader in providing security solutions (DELL’s security team), the content of the blog is more macro https: // is similar to Freebuf in China, but prefers consulting mainly focusing on security technology and reverse technology see name, no explanation

Cloud security companies that provide cloud service security

Industrial Control Security A company engaged in industrial control and the Internet of Things, its products support all industrial control protocols and advanced technology htmlA company that does industrial control security, its slogan is, Superheroes Don't do Infrastructure, That's why we're here A company specializing in embedded, IoT device security
https:/ / , a company that specializes in embedded device security a company specializing in device firmware security analysis

Terminal security A blog provided by a foreign security company, mainly for terminal security A major for enterprise terminal security company of

Mobile security a company mainly engaged in mobile phone security

Threat intelligence A company focused on threat intelligence, using machine learning and other technologies to extensively collect public and hidden threat intelligence A security blog maintained by a foreign company for threat discovery and risk assessment A Japanese company for emergency response A foreign company only provides Security service companies, most articles will provide IOC A security consulting company in the United States, the article quality is relatively high uk/issues/cyber-security-data-privacy.htmlA network security company in the United Kingdom, focusing on threat intelligence, data privacy protection, and emergency response Famous threats Intelligence community provides security consulting and threat intelligence

Traditional security Information security consulting maintained by Kaspersky, mostly sample analysis articles incidents provided by the Microsoft Malware Protection Center The blog Fireeye provides a cyber threat blog. The blog is of high quality and detailed content. A company in the UK does security testing. the company discovered threats, product line more comprehensive, large-scale do a next-generation network security, foreign companies, more comprehensive product line Kaspersky The security blog maintained by the base laboratory The company that focuses on DDOS defense needs to*** maintained by Mcafee security laboratory Blog A company engaged in the protection of digital assets and digital information world's leading company focused on network security, the company's website is actually pink famous traditional anti-virus vendor doing cloud security, download The security vendor of the first generation firewall The security threat blog maintained by the Cisco Talos team (Niu X team) or Talos com/cn/blogs/security/ Amazon's security blog information security company, product coverage is very comprehensive, such as DDoS, data security, cloud security, etc.
http://blog.trendmicro. com/ Trend Micro Security Blog released network security equipment provider startup company focused on network traffic security analysis
http :// claims to introduce the concept of the human immune system into network security testing integrated company engaged in cloud security, network security, etc. an integrated company providing security services Starting from fighting against phishing websites, to providing commercial security solutions security company Symantec blog/ big data security, solve security problems from the perspective of data analysis

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