Android developed some excellent open source frameworks

This blog is particularly excellent open-source framework for github records found, all star number over a thousand high-quality dry!

1. Download the frame

Aria, easy to use multi-threaded download framework


2. Player

GSYVideoPlayer, android video player, support: when dragging a small window preview, sound, brightness adjustment, edge multicast cache side, barrage, screen size switching

3.UI Kamachika

MultiType-FilePicker-MultiType-FilePicker- android, a lightweight file selector that supports multiple file types

Powerful SuperTextView, a function TextView, most of the layout to meet the daily

UserGuideView, implement user guide View

Custom is not the same Toast

app welcome page

BoomMenu, beautiful pop-up menu controls BoomMenu

android-adDialog, a simple but powerful campaign pop controls

4. Load Images

Glide, google employees in Picasso on the basis of optimized, better than Picasso, use google a lot of projects, the picture is loaded preferred

5. Image Compression

Pictures Luban-android closest to the micro-channel circle of friends compression algorithm

6. Network request frame

okhttp-OkGo, a package of OkHttp make network requests simpler framework, easier to use than Retrofit, support RxJava, support custom caching, support batch download manager and break bulk upload management jeasonlzy / okhttp-OkGo

7. Refresh drop-down framework

SmartRefreshLayout, android smart choice pull-down refresh frame

XRecyclerView, RecyclerView pull down to refresh, the Raja upload more

8. Animation Framework

lottie-android, animation frame class ranked first

RecyclerView entry animation

AndroidAnimationExercise, Android animation combat

9. thread communication framework

EventBus, a publish, subscribe lightweight event bus frame, thread communication framework is based on the observer pattern

10. Database Framework

greenDAO, an efficient and fast SQLite database

LitePal, allowing developers to use a very easy android SQLite database library

11. permission request frame

Permission request library RxPermissions

12.RecyclerView Universal Adapter Framework

BaseRecyclerViewAdapterHelper, powerful RecyclerView universal adapter

13.json analytical framework

gson, google official framework

fastjson, Ali produced

14. Select Pictures + camera + cropping frame

uCrop, very powerful (use can refer )

15. The scan code frame


16. The frame memory test

leakcanary, convenient, simple, just in application integration applications in

17. The screen adaptation framework

Today's headlines screen adaptation scheme Ultimate Edition, a very low-cost Android screen adaptation programs

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