Dynamic DHCP protocol

Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol
functions: reduce the workload of administrators; enterprise users dynamically assigned IP address and centralized management;
DHCP roles:
DHCP client
DHCP server
DHCP relay

2.DHCP works
for the first time:
the client sends a DHCP discover broadcast message
server replies DHCP offer message
sent by the client DHCP request message
server reply DHCP ACK packet
reuse (secondary):
The client sends a DHCP request message
server returns a DHCP ACK packet

3. Configure DHCP mode
Enable DHCP service: dhcp enable
O configuration DHCP mode: dhcp select?
1) based on the global (Global)
2) based on the interface ()
3) based on the relay ()

4. Based on the global DHCP configuration
ip pool p1 #DHCP address pool named P1
Network Mask # mask segments disposed segment
gateway-list Gateway Gateway address provided #
dns-list dns address Set # dns address
lease day (days ) # set the lease
acquisition ip: ipconfig / renew
acquisition failure: ipconfig / Release
ipconfig / Renew
View address pool: display ip pool

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