[Illustration] how to defeat Zeno paradox

What is Zeno paradox

Zeno paradox describes such a scenario: Scud Achilles to catch a turtle in the distance, but whenever Achilles reaches the position of the tortoise, slow turtle always move forward a short distance, then they had to Achilles to the tortoise current location as a goal (of course, this time the tortoise will still create a new distance), so the poor Achilles will never catch up with only a slow tortoise

Zeno paradox delays

First, one concept: the limited time replaced by an infinite number of small time and

Achilles actually takes 1 minute to catch up with the tortoise, but Zeno stole it replaced an infinite number of small time and

1 = 0.9 + 0.09 +0.009 +0.0009 + infinite number ... .. + 0.0 + 0.0 .... 09 ...... 01

No matter how cut, you actually only one minute

Second, Achilles chasing the tortoise is not the original location

And not with the turtle bit original target, but always produce more than a distance d tortoise current location when Achilles chasing the tortoise

d <Achilles step by step

As a human being, not the Achilles forward unit of meters or centimeters, millimeters, but a step, then Achilles target is not the beginning of 1km, but a few hundred feet, which is probably a few hundred feet 1001m, also That initial d = 1m

Achilles's goal has always been some distance beyond the tortoise

When d out of this turtle can not fall before the final step in the Achilles, Achilles is the time to catch up with it

Technology, regardless of the field, thinking the same strain

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