Interactive multimedia exhibition hall to show the way

Since interactive multimedia technology into our lives, Showroom way immediately become tall still, there once antiquated presentation, into a flexible restless, and instantly make sense hall full of vitality, and now many people are willing and willing to reach these high-tech things, like this lively and interactive exhibition customers want to know.
Interactive multimedia exhibition design without innovation will not be able to meet the needs of users. With the development of material culture, the user wants to personally participate, but also will develop interactive multimedia, interactive design is therefore an important development direction of design. Interactive multimedia exhibition showing the way by users of passion and love, mostly interactive, CAN video, audio, pictures, plus some high-tech three-dimensional technology, giving users a visual, listening experience.
Interactive multimedia exhibition way to show so popular, that we all know the common ways include interactive multimedia exhibition showing what it simple is generally divided into:? Digital sand table, curtain rings / curtain arc / Dome video room, electronic open book, the curtain system, interactive bar, interactive mirror, a touch screen, one machine, AR / VR display, interactive smart devices and so on.
Basic interactive multimedia exhibition hall displaying the old way again displayed on, with a new modern, vibrant, new forms, and very ancient incense, beautiful form without losing scholarly theme of the exhibition, which are interactive multimedia credit, bid farewell to the clamor of textbooks with sensual taste of the big screen.
Previous interactive multimedia exhibition is to show the effect of a single listen now say goodbye to boring mode, active user participation and interaction experience, so that enterprises exhibition rejuvenated and popularity, but also increased the company's awareness and interest in the exhibits.

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