VR party building themed digital interactive virtual exhibition hall software opens a new chapter in party building, casting soul and educating people

  The development of new media technology in today's era has a profound impact on the study and life of college students. As an important place for party building and educating people, colleges and universities can make full use of the powerful advantages of VR technology and rationally apply it to the work of educating people, so as to continuously enrich the educational content. The VR smart party building exhibition hall combines the virtual reality space created by VR technology to display the party's theory, thought, and history through virtual space creation, scene creation, audio and video explanations, etc., to display the three-dimensional and multi-dimensional party building theory.

  The main content of the VR Wisdom Party Construction Cloud Pavilion can be divided into two parts. One is the progress of the party history, the period of the new democratic revolution, the period of the socialist revolution, the new period of reform and opening up and socialist modernization; the other is the figures of the party history, Party memorabilia and a virtual answering system.

  The VR smart party building system uses VR technology to truly restore famous anti-Japanese war scenes such as "Flying to Luding Bridge", "Five Heroes of Langya Mountain", "Pingxingguan Great Victory", "Long March Snow Mountain", "Red Army Crossing the Grassland", and the experiencers become the anti-Japanese war Martyrs, experience the cruelty of war and the great revolutionary spirit of revolutionary martyrs who would rather die than surrender.

  When the red spirit meets modern technology, the offline party building exhibition hall will take you to experience the soul collision between "red culture" and "dream of a strong country", experience the charm of VR panorama through VR glasses, and "travel" to the revolutionary process of that year with one click. "Dip" from a distance to watch the Red Army climb snow-capped mountains, cross grasslands, and advance hard in the ice and snow, and feel more deeply the hardships of the revolution.

  As a new media technology, VR smart party building exhibition hall is a novel and unfamiliar teaching medium. On the one hand, college students have a strong sense of curiosity and freshness towards science and technology. According to the theoretical content of party building and educating people, they are integrated into the virtual scene created by VR to make the obscure and difficult parts of traditional educating people easy to understand, thereby helping Students understand the key points and difficulties, so that students can have more thinking space under the support of VR technology, and improve the effectiveness of educating people.

  VR smart party building exhibition hall uses new media virtual reality technology to enrich and enrich the teaching content and promote the main theme. Students can verify the knowledge in the interaction, further enhance the sense of identity of the party building theory, and enable the party's historical spirit to be continuously inherited, thus deepening the understanding of the party. A deep understanding of party building knowledge and system, and a deeper understanding of the party's development process.

  It just makes up for this shortcoming and perception. Its immersion, real-time and interactive features can guide party members and cadres to deeply understand historical events, deeply analyze leaders, and can cross historical reincarnation at any time and be placed in real historical scenes, truly achieving the baptism of the soul , Party spirit has been sublimated.


  The vr smart party building system redefines the time and space forms in the red education model, so that everyone who receives education can jump out of the limitations of exhibition halls and venues, from passive knowledge acquisition to active improvement and exploration, and also makes excellent red education resources available in The digital age is full of new vitality, which further makes up for the defects and insufficiencies of red education in the traditional mode.

  Through VR technology, an interactive and three-dimensional experiential teaching virtual scene can be built to make the theory of "high-end" more grounded, make the theory of lack of temperature more warm, and make the dull ideological and political classroom "live". Let teaching realize "new thinking, innovative classroom teaching, and profound learning experience for students".

  The cost of party building VR system includes the following aspects:

  Software development cost: The software development cost required to develop a party building VR system will vary according to the function and complexity of the system. This includes the development of virtual reality applications, user interface design, interactive features, and more.

  Hardware equipment cost: Party building VR system requires virtual reality equipment, such as head-mounted display, handle controller, etc. The price of these devices depends on the brand, model and specifications. Additionally, computers or servers may be required to support system operation and management.

  Content production cost: The content production of the party building VR system is a key part. It needs to develop virtual reality scenes, characters and interactive experiences that meet the needs of party building education. The cost of content production will vary depending on the complexity of the content, its length and the cost of the production team.

  Maintenance and update costs: Once the party building VR system is deployed and started, system maintenance and updates are also required. This may involve system repairs, function improvements and content updates, requiring certain maintenance costs.

  The VR smart party building system relives the century-old development of the party through an immersive VR experience, helps party members, the masses, and students learn red culture, opens up a new path for educating people, and opens a new chapter in party building and educating people.

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