Yuanverse Red Exhibition Hall VR Virtual Exhibition Hall improves trainees’ sense of participation

 The new generation of young people living in peaceful times may not have a deep understanding of the heroic deeds of the revolutionary martyrs, and they may not be able to truly feel the red spirit of the Chinese Communist Party’s fearless sacrifice and risking their lives to defend their homeland and country. Therefore, with the help of VR virtual reality production technology, visitors can Visitors got close to the revolutionary martyrs and felt the arduous struggle of the older generation of proletarian revolutionaries who fought bloody battles and forged ahead, allowing the red gene and red culture to be passed on.

  1. True restoration of historical scenes

  The VR Red Revolution Memorial Hall truly restores the historical scenes of the revolution, making visitors feel like they are in that specific era. In a realistic environment, visitors can personally experience the hard life, combat experience and revolutionary passion of revolutionary fighters. A strong sense of immersion allows people to have a deeper understanding of the great deeds of the revolutionary martyrs and their fighting spirit.

  2. All-round display of revolutionary cultural relics

  The VR Red Revolution Memorial Hall not only displays precious cultural relics from the revolutionary period, but also uses VR technology to vividly present the details of the cultural relics and the stories behind them. Visitors can observe cultural relics from multiple angles, interact with them, and understand their historical background and stories behind them. Gain a deeper understanding of the level of technological and cultural development at that time, and understand the wisdom of the Chinese working people.

  3. Interactive learning experience

  Visitors can have conversations with revolutionary figures in the virtual environment and understand their mental journeys; they can also participate in virtual revolutionary activities, such as the Long March, the Zunyi Conference and the Luding Bridge Incident. This interactive learning experience allows visitors to more actively participate in the study of revolutionary history, improves their sense of participation, and truly transforms them into little patriotic warriors.

  VR Party Building Museum allows the audience to understand history up close and commemorate the martyrs

  The new generation of teenagers may not be very familiar with the heroic deeds of the revolutionary martyrs. VR technology allows the audience to "travel" through time and enter the revolutionary martyrs. It not only allows party members and the masses to feel the revolutionary spirit of the older generation of proletarian revolution, throwing their lives and blood. , to appreciate the revolutionary martyrs’ consciousness of serving the people wholeheartedly as public servants, and at the same time let them understand the arduous journey before the revolution, so that the red gene and red culture can be passed on.

  VR Party Building Museum gives “party lessons” vitality

  The VR Party Building Museum uses immersive and interactive experiential learning to allow party members to travel through time and space to relive the revolutionary struggle spirit of Jinggangshan, experience the hardships of climbing snow-capped mountains and crossing grasslands, and appreciate the great achievements of New China in the new era without leaving home. The pictures and words in history books truly "come alive".

  Through an immersive interactive experience, the VR Red Revolution Memorial Hall allows visitors to have a deeper understanding of the great spirit and selfless dedication of the revolutionary martyrs. The difficulties and hardships of building the Party and the country inspired the visitors' patriotic enthusiasm and made them cherish their current happy life more. It also inspired them to work hard to realize the Chinese dream of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.

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