VR Virtual Exhibition Hall: Leading the new 3D model of panoramic online corporate exhibition hall

With the continuous development and promotion of the Internet of Things network era, the Internet of Things is gradually integrated into the lives of the people. The topic of VR online virtual exhibition hall, VR exhibition hall, VR enterprise exhibition hall, online exhibition hall, and VR cultural exhibition hall has gradually entered the scope of activities of major enterprises. Many offline corporate activities and exhibition halls are displayed online, as well as various online large-scale exhibition halls, regional real estate expos, and VR online corporate exhibitions. Shangdi 3D uses VR virtual technology to create an online 360°/720° interactive exhibition hall, which can be watched at will without time limit and an immersive interactive experience. Shangdi 3D uses three-dimensional virtual simulation technology to restore the real scenes of the offline exhibition halls, and displays them simultaneously through multiple web platforms such as computers, mobile phones, and touch screens. The content is basically the same as that of the offline exhibition halls.
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Advantages of VR virtual showroom

1. The VR virtual exhibition hall uses VR virtual simulation technology to give viewers a real virtual environment, allowing viewers to play in the virtual environment at will, understand the corporate culture content, and will no longer be limited by the region, everyone can watch through the Internet of Things Browsing is like being immersed in a displayed pavilion. Through the VR online corporate exhibition hall, you can not only interact with products, but also show the charm of corporate culture. The VR virtual exhibition hall only needs to use VR three-dimensional technology, and the cost budget is far less than the traditional offline exhibition hall, which not only saves a lot of costs, but also saves time and costs.
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2. The traditional offline exhibition hall not only requires a lot of manpower and material resources, but also consumes a lot of resources, and cannot achieve the idea of ​​low carbon and environmental protection. The advantages of the VR online corporate showroom can show the products and content of the corporate showroom to more people, so as to achieve the most efficient publicity effect. The VR online enterprise exhibition hall has special unique and advantages in showing timeliness, convenience, low carbon, and environmental protection. The VR online enterprise exhibition hall has printed out a new type of innovation model in terms of method and content, showing new methods such as "technological innovation", "service innovation", and "conclusion innovation". Let viewers see the latest products and corporate culture of the company without leaving home.

Design and Application of Enterprise Online Exhibition Hall

There are two types of design applications for corporate online showrooms, the first is technology research and development and the second is product research and development. From the product display form and selection, it is more influential and appealing; the design content uses a more realistic interactive experience development method; the corporate culture is integrated into the design of the exhibition hall to highlight the charm of the corporate culture. With the continuous innovation and development of scientific and technological progress, the ingenious design of online corporate exhibition halls can more demonstrate the role of corporate culture and promote products.

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