[Reprint] 2018 global ERP software industry market size and growth trend analysis cloud ERP will rise [Photos]

2018 Global ERP software industry market size and growth trend analysis cloud ERP will rise [Photos]




Global ERP software market steady growth

ERP is a famous American international consulting firm Gartner Group Inc. in 1990 first proposed, but traced, production and development of ERP is the basis for the development of enterprise management philosophy and practice, according to production and operation management needs, and with the development of computer information technology to produce and gradually developed. Global ERP software development mainly through the MRP (material requirements planning) stage, MRPⅡ (manufacturing resource planning) stage and ERP stage, and development ERPⅡ direction.

Since the application of ERP for the enterprise to bring a variety of benefits, in Europe and other developed countries, the popularity of ERP applications is very high. In developing countries, a substantial proportion of medium and large companies are beginning to use ERP software. According to incomplete statistics, the world's top 500 enterprises, 80% of companies are using ERP software as a tool for decision-making and management of their daily workflow.

In the strong market demand driven, global ERP software industry has shown rapid development momentum. According to Forrester statistics, 2009-2016, the global ERP software market compound annual growth rate of 3.5 percent; by 2017, the global ERP market reached $ 52.6 billion, an increase of 2.3%.

Since 2018, the global ERP software market driven downstream market, maintaining a continuous forward development trend, expected in late 2018 global ERP software market will reach $ 53.9 billion, an increase of 2.5%.

Exhibit 1: 2009--2018 global ERP software market size and growth (Unit: billion US dollars,%)

Classification type, the current is still the traditional ERP software-based ERP software market in the world. Data show that in 2017, the world's traditional ERP software market size of $ 30.56 billion, up 1.0% over 2016; 2018, global traditional ERP market size of $ 30.69 billion.

Chart 2: 2011--2018 global traditional ERP software market size and growth (Unit: billion US dollars,%)

In today's e-business environment, based on the idea of ​​ERP, integration of e-commerce, inventory supply chain, customer relationship management, international trade, manufacturing, finance in one, so even more powerful ERP functionality and broaden the extension of ERP, electricity supplier ERP ushered in rapid development. By 2017, global electricity supplier ERP software market size of $ 19.2 billion, an increase of 3.4%; 2018, global electricity business ERP market will grow to $ 19.95 billion.

Exhibit 3: 2011--2018 global electricity supplier ERP software market size and growth (Unit: billion US dollars,%)

In addition, due to the SAAS model has been recognized by more and more applications in various electric business platform, SAASERP software market to expand rapidly. By 2017, global electricity supplier SAASERP software market size of $ 2.84 billion, an increase of 10.5%, far higher than the same period of traditional ERP, ERP electricity supplier market growth.

Chart 4: 2011--2018 SAASERP global software market size and growth (Unit: billion US dollars,%)

Cloud ERP will gradually replace traditional ERP

First, the global ERP software market will maintain rapid growth. On the one hand, medium-sized customers, government agencies and medical industries are driving the ERP software market continues to grow; on the other hand, growth in IT spending and the need to improve the productivity of the new application is the driver of ERP software market growth. According to industry forecasts Prospective Research Institute, over the next five years, the global ERP software market will maintain rapid growth, is expected to 2024 global ERP market will reach $ 63.8 billion.

Exhibit 5: 2019--2024 global ERP software market forecast (Unit: US $)

Secondly, a global perspective, will be gradually replaced traditional ERP cloud ERP. Compared to the traditional ERP, cloud ERP basically solved the shortcomings of traditional ERP. ERP cloud reduce implementation costs, which is especially important for SMEs, the purchase of traditional ERP will consume a large initial investment enterprises, and cloud ERP software usage charges only monthly payments. And companies do not need to invest in infrastructure, ERP, IT departments do not need to operate on ERP maintenance. In recent years, global cloud ERP proportion is growing rapidly, is expected according to Allied Market Research, 2019 years, the market size of cloud ERP ERP market accounted for 43% of global scale.

Finally, with the development of information technology and e-commerce, ERP application quickly fast large. First, because of continued strong demand for enterprise information, more finance, media, and transportation will be used to implement ERP enterprise information, thereby widening the scope of ERP applications; and partly because manufacturers breakdown of the industrial users, for different industry users with different solutions, and expand the functionality and performance of ERP products on this basis, to be able to meet all types of different business information needs.

The above data refer to forward-looking analysis and Industrial Research Institute released the " China ERP software industry depth research and investment strategic planning analysis report ."

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