36Kr starting reported Corporate Finance News: Wise Link cloud completed several ten million Pre-A round of financing led by the linear capital investment of

36Kr starting Wise Link cloud Financing News reported:

Krypton 36 starters | "Wise Link Cloud" won the linear capital ten million yuan Pre A round of financing for enterprises to build a standard data sets

"Similar to how Facebook / Twitter data-driven operation of the company."

36 Krypton was informed Wise Link Cloud won linear capital ten million Pre A round of financing, financing for major capital market development and R & D investment. Earlier, Wise Link Cloud won the individual angel round of investment in Silicon Valley.

The concept popular in Taiwan, Wise Link data sets in the cloud talk about? Wise Link, founder of cloud Peng Feng graduated from the University of Maryland, Dr. adding Ask.com , to participate in the development and construction of its search engine underlying distributed operating system cluster. After that, Peng Feng join any technical director Twitter big data platform, which is responsible for establishing the data table. Another founder Song Wenxin, a former EA big data platform, Senior R & D Manager.

Technical data sets from 2008 onwards in Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other Silicon Valley companies promote data-driven rapid development. Peng Feng team to Lyft, Airbnb, Uber and other companies are building data sets, he thought as cloud computing, container technology maturity and standardization of product data in table technology made possible by digital business operations will be the future industry trends.

Based on the above knowledge and technology, Wise Link wants to be data-driven cloud IT infrastructure services provider, providing a container of big data and AI operations management platform to help enterprises build data sets to meet customer data management. Created by the data acquisition, data processing, data analysis and business data capacity data services consisting of a closed loop, each department to share resources, data and applications on the same platform, open up the barriers between data and applications, improve call efficiency.

Wise Link cloud data provided by AI and operating platform to support privatization and public cloud deployment, based on different data base and business needs can be docked to the form tools with existing business platform, the standardization of products priced at 50-200 by no etc; also independently publish-end big data platform, to account for the price depending on the size and complexity of large systems data cluster.

Currently, Wise Link cloud customers are system integrators, education, health care finance industry large customers and industry business software developers. They build data-driven in the intellectual leading cloud platform for large business systems and data / AI value-added services that can shorten the implementation period, the rapid expansion of new services, reduce operating costs. Wise Link through the cloud as well as customized way, or provide critical system components way to serve large customers, deepen understanding of the industry pattern.

Turning to competition, Peng Feng introduced the Wise Link is not a cloud system integrators, and no star ring, Huawei fight Hadoop. Compared to business services, custom functions to maximize the company's large data sets, Wise Link cloud want to do more standardization, efficiency optimization, taking into account the stability and flexibility of the architecture docking with the customer, both design different ideas and optimizing plan.

Currently, Wise Link cloud has been used in several scenes, such as Wise Link cloud collaboration by manufacturers IOT channels, as "China Zun" provides intelligent building things big data platform, collection, analysis, operation and maintenance of its Internet of Things data. In addition, Wise Link cloud also with partners and service in many government projects in the areas of education, health, justice and so on.

Wise Link cloud of employers, linear capital investment partner Zheng Chan said its value data sets of tracks leading cloud technology and intellectual in this track, product capabilities. Moreover founding team of technical and management background, a large company in Silicon Valley frontline combat experience to build large-scale production of data-driven system, industry understanding and forward thinking, but also the reasons for its decision to invest.

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