OpenPilot 0.5.12 released, open source autopilot technology


Open source autopilot technology OpenPilot 0.5.12 released. The new updated version:

  • Prius improved lateral control and the Prime Prius

  • The log before writing to disk compression

  • When storage reaches 90%, remove the old drive data

  • Repair small shifts following distance

  • A variety of small CPU optimization

  • Improve offroad power: the need to update NEOS

  • Add a default speed limit (thanks to martinl) to Estonia

  • Support Subaru Crosstrek (thanks to martinl)

  • Support Toyota Avalon (thanks to njbrown09)

  • Support Toyota Rav4 (with TSS 2.0) (thansk to wocsor)

  • Support Toyota Corolla (with TSS 2.0) (thansk to wocsor)

Update Log

openpilot is an open source autopilot (driving agent), currently in force Hondas and Acuras adaptive cruise control (ACC) and Lane Keeping Assist System (LKAS) function. It is with considerable startup Tesla Autopilot, better than all the other manufacturers. In addition, openpilot code base written in very simple, to support rapid prototyping.

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